Oversize coat on a little peanut

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Oversize coats really don’t work for me! Small head, small chested, small shoulders, everything is the size of a peanut here (insert inappropriate joke). Imagine a peanut strapped in a huge leaf, that’s the result you get with me and my coat. 
I love oversize trends this season mainly because for me, everything is oversize, but I keep wondering why does it look so crappy? “Your face”- some of you would answer, and you may be right, ruthless..but right.. 😀 
Anyhow, here’s look of the day, it was cold as fuck. 
Sweater- Mango, Coat-Pull & Bear, Hat- OVS

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52 thoughts on “Oversize coat on a little peanut”

  1. Ааа, че хубави снимки!:)))
    Много добра комбинация също. И на мен не ми седят oversized неща по същите причини. Може би затова понякога залитам към детските дрехи, хахах. 😀

  2. Your face? Ouch, that's cold!

    I was going to say that you do an excellent job on the over-sized clothing, I think it might because you do a larger garment with a closer fitting garment, like this coat with the jeans. I always think the oversized clothes look way better on you tall, slim chicks, I try it and I look like a chubby little muffin. 🙂 I am loving your pink hair, it's really playing off the colors in your outfits and adds such a fun punk twist to this sort of preppy-ish outfit.

  3. Oh, thanks so much, dear! <3
    You look awesome! I love tat you pulled out the collar of your denim shirt and the red works so well on you! 🙂

    Have a lovely weekend! 🙂

  4. lol…I really really love your post. It always make me smile!!!! and you do love to swear like me!! lol. and oh come on…YOU are beautiful as hell!!!! ..maybe small breast….that one I don't know:P…lol…..

    and hey, oversize coat really is the trend of the season!!!! hmmmmm, glas that I don't need it:) but you do look great BITCH!!!…lol


  5. What I love about fall is seeing how everyone layers their pieces. I kinda suck at that being an ocean child my motto has always been the less the better 😉 x

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