OMG, they killed Pepsi!

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Do you know what really bugs me? All those tv dramas where you have a boy and a girl cheesily madly in love and out of the blue comes a skinny bitch, and says some dumb lie to the boy or the girl, and separates them.
You boyfriend beat my dog to death” and just like that, you’re no longer together, FOREVER! Why? 
You know this guy/girl for an eternity and you swore eternal love to them, and then a complete stranger tells you something a kid wouldn’t believe, and all of a sudden you’re a whiny wreck. 
When you’ve lived with someone for so long, you could guess what he ate three days ago just by the smell of his fart. That’s how living together works. At first it’s like: “That corner right there, that’s my personal space, don’t come near it”, but after a few months it’s: “Ah fuck that, you can shit there for all I care”. 
At least  that’s what normal people do, they interact and communicate, and violently rape the other person’s private space.  If you’re going to be a ball of nerves with trust issues, why even bother being with someone.
Anyways, did anyone play Telltale’s “The Walking Dead” new DLC? Major dissapointment!
Fashiony part: Although I’m not a big fan of promoting brands on clothes, this Coca Cola t-shirt was too much fun to pass. 
It was a men’s tee so I had to cut the sleeves down a notch, making it the perfect breezy wear for summer, not to mention it has this uber cool gruesome murder scene of Pepsi! 
Clutch- Second hand (Bianco Gear), T-shirt- Teenage Millionaire, Distressed white shorts- My Favorite Tiara. 

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20 thoughts on “OMG, they killed Pepsi!”

  1. hahaha oh man, that shirt is awesome. I like how you're even carrying a Coca Cola. Way to use props, Keit! ;D

    And those TV shows are ridiculous. I would always trust something from someone I knew a longer time then some rando I knew for five minutes! Who knows what evil deeds they could be planning..

  2. Slammin' new header photo!
    And I agree with your view on tv dramas. What I hate more about it is when teen girls think it's okay to be drama queens because of all the crap that they watch. It's possible to have conflict resolution with reasonable conversations!


  3. oh my god, you have to watch "a history of violence." those tv shows you speak of drive me up the wall, it's rare to see a really good look at what happens within a relationship with something really crazy comes out and that movie showed a really great side of it. (And I love Viggo when he plays those seriously flawed characters, I have SUCH a crush on him in Eastern Promises.) Heh, that side, I miss reading your posts, you are one of the funniest people out there and I love it so much when you talk about movies or shows, you're such a smart ass! (And that's a compliment my dear! I love smart alecs and their commentary's on shows…) I'm so sorry about the serious lack of commenting latey, I've just sucked at it but I still try to read your posts every time I manage to steal some wifi. (You so make my day, I always end up with a crazy grin over your posts.)

  4. Oh, TV romance… it's one of the greatest frustrations in my life as a self-employed person who makes her own hours and can thus watch TV in the middle of the day. The relationships always end for the most ridiculous reasons. And it's not like the moves the plot forward, either… I digress. I don't think anyone could have passed up that Coca Cola shirt, it's awesome 🙂

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