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Who here likes Nutella?
*every human being on the planet simultaneously raises their hand*…..
Okay, maybe not every one, maybe there are people in this world who’s hobbies include hating fluffy kittens and Nutella, but assuming you’re not one of them, I bet you’re going to loooove this Choies t-shirt

The whole chocolate addiction aside, the creepy beady – eyed, inappropriate looking fat jar makes this all the more weird and satisfying. And I love weird, I eat weird for breakfast! I styled my fat jar tee in a sliiiightly more Harajuku sense than my previous outfits. Please guys, if you see me steering away from the Harajuku thingy, tell me, I have selective amnesia, can’t remember what I ate for lunch, not to mention what my fashion style is supposed to be….

Any who, I wanted to make myself look like a Japanese school girl, hence the glasses and socks. Can’t decide whether these glasses make me look old or smart, or sexy, or just plain awful….I can’t see shit without them, except out of focus blobs, so I’m screwed if they make me look awful….Don’t tell me, I don’t wanna know!
Soooo where were we? Oh yeah, Japanese school girl…I haven’t worn this skirt in a while, which is a shame because it’s one of the most unique pieces I own. I love the asymmetry (fuck yeah, spelled that correctly on the first try!) and the raggedy feel it has. It’s the perfect piece for adding texture and a little punch to any outfit, especially rad for layering. 

Another cool piece I wanted to show you is this happy skull bracelet, again from Choies. Continuing with my infatuation with pirates, I think owning a lot of skull stuff is in order. Thinking of getting a bandana too, basically thinking of getting everything that was already out of fashion decades ago, but who the hell cares about trivial things like fashion and trends…
-Uuuh, Keit, you care about those things? You have a…well you know…a fashion blog?
-Shut up, I’m too busy being individual and special by not following trends!

We have a new subway near our home, so I figured it would be nice to take photos there, before the cream of society aka drunken assholes pee all over it…well guess what, too late for that! The stench of bodily fluids is everywhere, still, it’s a pretty subway, it’s got maps and screens and stuff….

That’s enough fashion talk for today! Don’t know who the hell would read this, I’ve recently come to the conclusion the blogsphere turns into a graveyard when summer arrives. I’m guessing people have a life and travel, and go on vacations, how dare you!!! Just know, I’ll be waiting…and watching…behind a very suspiciously looking curtain. 

Also, I wanted to ask you all a very important question. When someone comments on a blog post, do you think it’s unnecessary and annoying if he/she puts a link to their blog after the comment? I’ve read most people get annoyed by that, but others find it useful. Instead of just clicking a thousand times on the person’s profile and searching for their blog, you can just click on the link they provided. I’m curious what do you think? 

Nutella T-shirt – c/o Choies, Skull Bracelet – c/o Choies, Skirt & Backpack – Second Hand.
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27 thoughts on “Nutella T-shirt & Japanese School Girl Inspired Outfit”

  1. KEIT *shout out*. I see I have missed much on your end. Your Nutella T shirt & Japanese inspired outfit is quirky, I'm a fan of your thoughts & how you put words and unknowingly very funny *chuckles*. summer is here & I will still be here. I will keep visiting you. I have no plans for any vacation.My wedding was my biggest vacay 🙂
    Answering to your question. I personally feel it is very imposing to leave the blog link after a commment. It's like ' I just scratched your back.Now you scratch mine'. It has to be free will. There are 1000 blogs out there & we cannot like everyone out there.This will be sheer flimsy. I like only what I want to like ! My story.

  2. I'm not going anywhere either.. I will be here stalking you till the end of time. *crazy eyes*
    Love the t-shirt. I can't understand how people can NOT like nutella, I mean COME ON PEOPLE! COME ON! And the whole Harajuku thing suits you perfectly, I think it makes you be even more creative <3
    I don't have a blog so I don't know if I'm the right person to answer your question, but usually I don't mind a link. I think it is very useful and besides, I'm not going to click on the link if the comment isn't clever and has personality. I would never click on a blog with a comment like "Nice outfit", which makes it obvious that the person hasn't even read the blogpost! But yeah, hope it makes sense!

  3. Love this skirt and the socks and the specs!
    I had to laugh over the Harajuku amnesia 🙂
    You could look good in a paper bag, so no sweat the specs.
    Leaving a blog link is fine. When they ask you to read their post in words is when I draw the line. You don't have to click on the link, but its handy if you want to. Xo Jazzy Jack

  4. AAAAAHHHH why you look so effortlessly cool it's like you're born cool 🙁 I LOVE ASYMMETRIC (uh oh i fucked it up i typed asymmetryc then assymetric lol) SKIRT!!!<3 It's so unique!!:O I only have the short one but seeing you wear the midi one IT'S SO COOL OK giving the serious senpai look lol B-) HEEEYY I read every sentences of people's blogpost because I love to listen to other's story it's so fun omg (except those that don't write anything at all except 'What I Wear' part)

    Ahh! it's ok to keep up with what happens in the world but…plz don't be selfless by following everyone's trending item…ugh…people in here is like that. 1 thing is trendy, then all of them are all like 'MUST FOLLOW TREND!111111' . I love to buy the was-trending-thing and my friends be like 'hey that is not trending anymore ok' and i was like 'yeah so what ??????'

    Aaaaaaa!!!! I'm the people that left link to my blog lol it's not like I want them to check out my blog…in case someone reads my comment and think 'whoa this girl deserve an oscar award' ….JK. but I think it's pretty useful since I always read my comments and check the link they left lol. And I really hate to dig their profile to search their blog omg requires so much efforts….:(( but If i like the comment, I will find their blog no matter what happens!!!!11111;D

    Adventure of P-Chaaan!!

  5. Great skirt! Yeah, I think everyone is on vacay…I'm back from mine, it was a work/vacation combo…not very relaxing at all.
    I'm ok with the links, I just don't like the desperate pleas to follow them and their blog.

  6. Аааа мега добра тениска *_* и целият аутфит много ми харесва! Очилата са симпатични, а линковете в коментарите мен лично малко ме дразнят, но в крайна сметка всеки решава какво ще напише.

  7. Keit, my love, I agree with Jack that you would look awesome in a paper bag, and actually I really really want to see how you would style a paper bag. I dare you! Love this outfit and I am so envious that I didn't wear stuff like that when I was young. Stupid fecking eighties! The specs look awesome-sexy-intellectual-badass on you. The skirt I would steal but then I'd have to wear it as a scarf or just around one thigh or something. I have a difficult time getting knee socks that actually come up to my knees. Okay, Nutella…well yeah it is delicious and I could eat a whole jar of it but it is soooooo bad for you. Trans fat and sugar by the truckload. Not that you care, I know. 😉 xoxo

  8. I remember the first time I met Nutella… my friend had a bag of pretzels and a jar of the chocolatey stuff and ended up having to take both away from me after I wouldn't let it go. That shit is DANGEROUS.

    You're the cutest little nerd girl. I love love love plaid skirts. I think I could live in them forever. LET'S LIVE IN THEM FOREVER!


  9. I do not believe there are people who hates Nutella. Hello!? 😀 Nutella??!! It's impossible!
    Your outfit is totally not my style cus I'm not into assymetry (hope I wrote it well!) but… you showed me that it looks cool and I started liking it 😀


  10. I don't find it annoying when bloggers put their blog name and link under a comment. Like you said, instead of clicking through a butt ton of links on the profile to find the blog, it's easier. Plus I think there is actually a better chance of people checking your blog if you leave the link. What I actually find annoying is people who (clearly didn't read your posts or check your blog but) ask for a follow for follow, or who pretend that they love your blog and ask you to follow (when you've never seen them before that comment).
    Anyways, I think you look super cute with the glasses 🙂 Lovely outfit, love the tee, I want it :O
    Dee-Vine Anonyme

  11. Love love love this tee! I love Nutella! You want to know something weird? I can actually use a spoon and scoop the Nutella and eat it as is!! OK, I hope after this you will still visit me and don't think I'm too weird =P
    I don't find it annoying that someone leave their link after they've commented. It's up to me if I'm curious enough to find out but, I find it very annoying if they commented and say they like my blog and if I would like to follow for a follow. If you really like my blog, you're welcome to follow it. Don't follow only after I follow you!! Annoy the shit out of me.

    1. Hahahah, this is the only way I eat Nutella. I thought at first you were joking, but then I realized maybe it's a Bulgaria thing, we mostly eat it with a spoon straight from the bottle 😀

  12. Girlll you look awesome!! I love your glasses and that t-shirt, admittedly I've never ever had Nutella in my life :O I've always wanted to, though! I really love these photos too!! But yeah during the summer I think everyone is suuuuper busy or are like "it's too hot to use my laptop n blog now lol bye" and then they come back in the fall…unless that's just me.

    Do you find it annoying when people leave their link? If so I'll totally stop! But I love when people leave their links, but it's no big deal if they don't either. However, if someone just says "Wow, great post follow for follow lol xoxo" and then put their blog link. it's annoyyyiingggg, like I know darn well you didn't even read anything – what kind of transparent blogger rudeness…

  13. I know someone who doesn't like Nutella, and I wanted to stuff their face with the liquid chocolate gold when I found out. HOW CAN YOU NOT LOVE NUTELLA??? LOVE IT, DAMMIT, BE A HUMAN!!!!
    That's what I wanted to yell. But I composed myself in time. I do have to see them regularly at work and all, so it could get a bit awkard…
    Haha, but I love this shirt! Nutella is my addiction *_* Which reminds me, I'm having withdrawals….

    Hehe, anyway, the blog comment thing depends. I always leave a link after mine just in case someone is curious to know more about me. However, when it's done after a generic comment you can just tell has been copied and pasted all over the internet, I get annoyed. It's gotta be coming from someone who actually read the post and has a vested interest in responding to the content! If they can do that, then I'd be curious enough to click on their link and find out more 🙂

    And with that, I leave you my link, internet world:
    The Dragonfruit Diaries
    Check out my YouTube channel too!

    xD Bahahahaha!

  14. I find links at the bottom of comments super useful! I don't feel like digging through ten thousand profile links. Give me an easy way to find you! As long as there's an actual comment and not some spam crap accompanying the link then it's all good!

    Also your Nutella shirt is fantastic! It's been way too long since I had Nutella. Maybe I'll buy a jar… and I also think these glasses look great on you even though you can't see with them.

    Jamie |

  15. I agree that it's a good thing when people leave their blog links under their comments. people who don't want to click those links can just ignore them and the ones who find those links useful can use them. I can't understand how it's annoying? okay, some people have weak nerves maybe but most people don't care as long as there aren't three identical links under that comment (I have seen some bloggers doing it, leaving identical links using bold chubby words, also links to some of their posts). anyway, believe it or not but I bought Nutella today! 😀 and my next breakfast must include it. must! so yeah, of course I like your shirt! and the glasses too. they look really cool with that dark lip! haha and yes, vacation means no time for blogging and reading blogs. unfortunately. I take as many photos as possible and just hope later I can share it all 😀

    Maiken – Part of me

  16. I don't mind the links, they make my life easier…I have hard time finding blogs of some people because the address is not on their page, I have to go and scroll down their g+ page and try to figure out what post is theirs….but I know some people find it annoying and think it is self promotion or something…on other hand, some like myself see it only as a useful thing….Still, you know those people who leave ten links (their fb, instagram and some other social network I never even heard of accounts) after one word comment? well, that's a bit too much.

    I absolutely love this Japanese school girl uniform inspired look!!! That skit is totally awesome…and you look great with glasses!!!!

  17. I loved Nutella until I ate a whole 1000+150g jar in one sitting and got a severe allergic reaction. Probably to hazelnuts. In SUCH AMOUNT. This was one year ago and I'm still not allowed to eat any kind of nuts if I want to survive long enough to make my blog famous. :C
    As for your outfit, you certainly do look like you've just stepped out of Harajuku. More on the casual side than most of outfits from there, but still quirky and geeky and fun! And the tshirt is adorable.

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