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Not sure if the title is going to attract a lot of guys hoping to see some flesh, only to discover my boring smile in front of their monitors, oh the pain of it all! Hey you, guy, nothing to see here, except  short haired boredom, so move along!
Now that we’ve taken care of that, lets get down to business. I’m usually a color freak when it comes to clothes, the shinier and rainbowier the better. But once in a while, I bump my head on the table and feel a sudden urge to wear as washed out colors as possible. So this is what I came up with: leopard top from Zara, rose-colored asymmetrical skirt from thrift store, white flats and brown skull belt from a random Chinese shop. And of course my trusty diadem, because my pretentious hair is on it’s PMS again -_-. 
This may be the only time I’m going to wear this skirt, because of it’s shortness and the possibility of undies showing off with the slightest breeze. Any suggestions of how to avoid that? Maybe wear it as a dress and with shorts? Or leggings in Autumn? Or just wear granny pants underneath…either way it’s a gorgeous skirt. ^_^ so I’m open for any kind of advice 🙂

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37 thoughts on “Nude colors”

  1. I really like the nude tones in this outfit, it's great to make a change every now and then! 🙂 I hate when skirts or dresses are too short, I simply hate showing too much haha for that skirt, I'd say to wear it on Fall with dark tights, it usually helps to reduce that idea of too many flesh 😉

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  2. Според мен най-удачните варианти са или дебел чорапогащник/клин, или т.нар. safety pants (от ebay и прочие). Имам подобен проблем с една рокля, но тя е пролетно-есенна, така че ще се спра на първия вариант.

    Много ти отива с диадема 🙂

  3. I really really love that outfit! Everything looks perfect on you. The skirt is just amazing.

    Your blog is very inspiring so I'm following you now! 😉


  4. I'm loving this look!
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  5. Well, I think your hair looks adorable! (but then, short hair pretty much always looks good. ^_^) I really like the color of this skirt and the flowy-ness of it, but I see what you mean about possiable peek-a-boo momments! I usually wear tap shorts under really short skirts (since my undies aren't too exciting for anyone to want to see) or tights. Tights are awesome. They fix all short skirt problems. 🙂 (I could just be saying this because I look stupid in leggings. You would look awesome. So rock some leggings with it.)
    That belt is perfect with this skirt. Skulls always make my day. 🙂

  6. Oh, that skirt is lovely. Ü could wear a mini body con skirt under it so that when it flashes they see another skirt, not granny panties! Lol!

    Lovely styling of it too.

    Leggings in autumn is a great idea.

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  8. Sorry for the late reply, just got back from my vacation yesterday :b After going back to your old posts, I realize how many posts I have missed out while I was away! You look so lovely in this outfit!!! The skirt and headband look super cute on you!

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