Nowistyle smoothie top + shaving season drama

Blah…shaving season is officially here. And booy does it suck!
Judge me all you want but I consider winter to be a season of joyful days of hairy legs and peppermint cocktails.
The only reason why I shave my legs in winter is, because I might get hit by a car and I want to look presentable to the people in the ER. Seriously, who the fuck thinks that way?
-Hey I might get hit by a bus today, better shave my legs! Better put on those sexy red panties while I’m at it.
I need a shrink!
Fashiony part: Speaking of cocktails and crazy people, it’s time for another alcohol outfit. This is a homemade smoothie with strawberries and bananas, and maybe vodka?
The glossy silver bag is from a second hand store. Orange top- nowistyle, camo vest- second hand.

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21 thoughts on “Nowistyle smoothie top + shaving season drama”

  1. Shaving season, haha, girl you're mad. Actually, you just say at loud everything that we think inside 😀 I think my hips would look enormous in that dress. I love the bag, though.

  2. I just don't shave my legs, whatever the season. It's easier, I promise! Stuff the ER people. People have body hair. They'll get over it 😉
    Also, love the bright dress with the camo jacket.

  3. I have almost the same top in white, but I'm so tall that I can't wear it as a dress >< Lucky you! You look cute in it!
    I don't usually shave my legs coz i don't remember to do that 😀 Lol 🙂

  4. That dress looks utterly flippy and fun to maybe whack people with a little bit.

    Also, I totally think of similar things–like what if it's windy when I'm wearing my dress and somebody sees my underwear?! SHIT that means I have to wear cute underwear. Your thought processes are totally realistic, Keit.

  5. Страхотна си просто! И ужасно забавна :))) Всеки път като публикуваш нещо ново си мисля "YESSS!" 😀

  6. Actually, I think if you'd did a survey you'd find that 90% of women shave their legs and wear pretty panties just incase they get hit by a bus… and rescued by a cute paramedic 😉 Love your dress!

  7. aaaah it's been long time I didn't see you.. i miss you.. 😛 waow.. I like your casually and girly look so beautiful. love you look.. 🙂

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