Nowistyle blue knitted top, oversize cap and thoughts on life

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I think I’m having a stroke…That’s what I’ve been thinking whole week every time the Sun shines through the windows on my monitor and 2 seconds later it’s all dark again. It’s freaking me out! Whenever this shit happens, I remember a story my grandma loved to share. (For people who don’t like stories consisting of life’s natural way of telling you to “go fuck yourself” also known as “death”, do not continue reading)
My grandma is a soldier in a sense, she had a stroke few years ago and kept dying the whole day. I think she literally died 5 or 6 times before the doctors were finally able to stabilize her. We were all very glad she was okay, but kind of disappointed, because we were expecting to hear stories from the underworld, but she didn’t have any.

Anyway, she was so amused by what she saw before the stroke every time my sister and I go to visit her, she keeps repeating it. Grandma would tell us, that she saw a garden full of beautiful flowers and bright shiny colors, when she tried to pick the flowers they disappeared. And yes, that’s how a stroke works, your brain gets fucked up and you see and smell things that don’t exist. 

So whenever the stupid Sun shines for 2 seconds and hides, and gets dark again, I assume I’m about to die. Now, as if that’s not enough, few days ago my monitor turned green, (grass green, Kermit the frog green), and I thought: “That’s it, that’s a stroke right there!”. Few seconds later the monitor turned normal again..
Fashiony part: This top came with a new box from nowistyle, and I pretty much wear it every single day. I feel like a crispy warm cookie in it, and considering my small size 166cm, I can wear it as a dress too. The only downside is you can see my bra underneath, but considering how many girls are wearing nothing but studded bras and a tiny cardigan on top, I don’t think my slightly revealing bra is a big deal.

I want to apologize in advance for not commenting on your blogs as often as I used to. It’s just that I don’t have any time and it makes me sad, because spamming you really made my day more fulfilling. I guess, even people who don’t have a life are busy from time to time.

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43 thoughts on “Nowistyle blue knitted top, oversize cap and thoughts on life”

  1. that is one very simple but actually pretty brilliant way to get new dresses. I have done it too since some of my sweaters are huuuge. oh and I like it how you have added a silver necklace to accompany the sweater 😉
    ps. I guess we have more sunshine here in Estonia then but it's still freezing..

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. That's kind of really interesting about your grandma… that she just saw things and smelled things that weren't really there. That's so strange how your brain can just make things up! I guess it's like a dream, in a sense, but you're half awake or something weird. Still. Neat.

    I adoooreee your blue sweater. It's so big and floppy (lol lol that's what she said) and the color is just stunning!

  3. Whoa, I freaked out a little over the part about your granny seeing flowers and trying to pick them when she died. I got bad frostbite a few years ago and rather than go to the doc like a normal person, I just jumped in a tub of hot water. Apparently I just seized and passed out but all I remember was being in a garden and when I tried to pick the flowers, I woke up on the bathroom floor. I guess the other side is a field then?

    So, freakiness aside, look at you in your big sweater awesome tights! (And dude, no worries about the comments. I get really busy and when I get home, I pass out before I can turn the computer on so I end up not commenting as much as I should. Real life happens.)

  4. Amazing color on you! I don't even mind the bra, I sorta like it.
    Anyway, I have been having headaches all week (allergies and I know it,)but I keep thinking Holy cow! Am I having a stroke? WTF is up with these headaches?!!? Then I take an Advil and an allergy pill and it goes away. It still freaks me out…

  5. Isn't that funny what light shifts can do to your brain? I could never handle strobe lights at chintzy high school dances either, ugh.
    I love that bag so much! The top/dress is great too. It's a wonderful color and looks so carefree and cozy. Plus, I love any outfit including those tights.

  6. Чудя се само как така всеки път съчетаваш този твой розов кичур с някой мъничък детайл от тоалета, уникално е!

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