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Another month has passed gloriously uneventfully, filled with couch potatoing, citing quotes from movies and pretending they’re life lessons, cooking not once, but TWICE a week and lots of singing of the Gladiator soundtrack in the shower. Yes, you can safely say Winter is my favorite season. Without the pressure to go outside I have the motivation to do stuff at home. Yay? 
I’ve got tons of favorites this month and it was hard picking up just a few, but here we go! 
1. Finally bought a survival kit!
This baby has been on my wishlist so hard! I can barely restrain myself from putting this into my purse. You never know when someone would need a saw thingy or a whistle. Want me to cut that pizza for ya? Sure, let me just get my fucking saw!!!
This kit comes with tons of useful survival crap, including: 
  1. Knife
  2. Whistle
  3. Saw
  4. Wire
  5. Fishing Set
  6. Cotton
  7. Matches
  8. Candle
  9. Pencil
  10. Mini compass
  11. Sewing set
  12. Mirror
  13. Magnesium Lighter
  14. Instructions for survival 
But my absolute favorite would be the magnesium lighter! Enjoy this complementary gif of my veiny, bony hands creating fire!!!! Call me God!!!
2. Bunny Slippers!
I’ve recently noticed a huge change in my consumerist behavior. I’m buying more crap for the apartment and for generally feeling more cozy at home, instead of clothes and shoes, like I did back when I was 24. I’m having a Fight Club moment. Every time I buy a new set of pajamas I imagine Tyler pointing the finger at me citing: “You buy furniture. You tell yourself this is the last sofa I will ever need in my life… Then the right set of dishes. Then the perfect bed. The drapes. The rug. Then you’re trapped in your lovely nest, and the things you used to own, now they own you”.
These bunny slippers definitely own my ass. They own my ass, like chocolate owns emotionally unstable females on their PMS. 
(slippers from Deichmann)
My fat cat Muffin has the same pattern and hair, so from afar these slippers look like I’m wearing the carcass of my cat. Sexy!

3. Shinies.
This is a close up of a dress I thrifted for a Christmas party. I’ve been crazy about faux fur, animal prints and sequins. The three most unfashionable things in my country.! The dress will be the main event in my “How to wear” series this week, so brace yourselves, maybe put on some sunglasses too!

4. Favorite Song.
Kara no Kyoukai is one of the strangest (in the good way) and most gorgeous anime I have ever seen. The soundtrack puts my mind at ease, and sometimes even saddens me a little. My favorite song would be the opening credits. Takes your breath away! I’ve been playing it almost every day, alongside with my Christmas playlist *_* 
5. Cosmos, or why I want to lie on the couch with my blanket for 10 hours straight!

If my boyfriend ever cheats on me, beats me with a bat, murders my cats and spits in my chili, I would still always, and I mean ALWAYS, be grateful to him for introducing me to Carl Sagan. 

For me, the Cosmos series brings the best satisfaction in the world! The whole sex, eating sweets or being in love satisfaction is total bullshit! Cosmos is perfect in so many ways, even though a little outdated now, it’s the way it’s presented, the magic of our Universe and the beauty of science have never been so captivating.

And that’s that! What were your November favorites guys? Let me know in the comments! ^_^

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13 thoughts on “November Favorites”

  1. huh, I have no idea what my November favourites are :S I guess once again I must point out The Vampire Diaries and Revenge because those two are something that make me forget the work stuff and concentrate on some action, drama, nonsense… you name it, they have it! oh, your bunny slippers are awesome by the way. though I was hoping to see a photo where your cat sits next to them 😉 maybe next time? 😀 oh and the survival kit! sounds like a very "you" thingy. I have 2 or 3 survival (actually first aid) kits in my cars but those look rather different from your brilliant kit 😀 have you used your fancy kit to survive already? besides the fire thingy I mean.

    Part of me

  2. Those bunny slippers are the best! I used to have a pair of bright white ones that I got from a clearance bin in a department store in Japan. I wore them into the ground and had the throw them out after a couple years. :F They weren't as life-like as yours, though. O_o I think I would freak the f*ck out if I woke up to find those slippers staring at me. Haha.

    – Anna

  3. Hey gorgeous! Those bunnies are scarily realistic looking. I love the haunting Opening Credits music and I am certain Carl Sagan would love it too. I am so envious of your survival kit and impressed that it comes with instructions. You might have to look up how to use safety pins so it's good to know the instructions are there. I feel so inadequate now with my Swiss Army knife.

  4. Bunny Slippers! Actually, they almost look like real bunnies, that's probably totally freak me out in the morning, I'd be like, "Oh god, I just killed bunnies!" before realizing they're not real. (I do this to stuff animals all the time, although I don't know why I would think a tiny pink polka dotted elephant is real. I'm a moron in the morning.) Congrats on buying a survival kit as well, you just never really know, they are awesome if there's power outages and stuff like that. (And I keep hearing the zombie apocalypse is right around the corner.)

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