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Hello females and males of the internet! I present to you….*drumsticks roll* ….the curtain jacket!

Oh man, this is probably the fugliest thing I’ve EVER thrifted, in my whole LIFETIME, EVAH!
It reminds me of something typically Bulgarian, but I can’t put my finger on it. Was it a robe from the time during communism, or was it a certain collection of curtains my mom used to put on every freakin room, because it was a “traditional heritage”. Either way it’s ugly, but I love it! Boyfriend almost had a heart attack when he saw me. Good thing he’s not into the whole high heels and spandex ass-lifting leggings, because I would have lost that battle years ago. 

BTW, you probably know already, that I don’t like Valentine’s day that much and I really don’t “get it”. I’ve been hating it since my teenage years, when all the other girls were growing their big juicy boobs and getting roses, while I was at home alone playing Neopets. Now as I’ve grown older (and grown my own pair of modest boobs), I think it’s an okay holiday…I guess… At least you have a reason to drink yourself to death… Anywho, I know many of you burritos are celebrating it, so I made a video with some outfits I would wear,  if I ever celebrated it. Here ya go!

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25 thoughts on “Not Another Valentine Post”

  1. I can't say I'm crazy about Valentine's Day but I still wanted to bake something but now I'm sick and I hate the whole situation and the fact how crappy I feel! who even thought colds should exist? WHO? anyway, I'm angry because of my cold but I have to say I really really like your curtain jacket. I would wear one too if I had it! and from your video I liked the pin up look and the leather look the most.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. Свалям ти шапка, един от малкото кадърни видео (и не само видео) блогъри в БГ
    Толкова уютно ми изглеждат всичките ти аутфити, че искам да те гушна за да се заразя с cosy feelings ///

  3. I'm on board with any holiday that involves chocolates… even if it's as lame and silly as Valentine's Day 🙂 I'm also on board with anyone who can pull off matching a curtain print jacket with an aztec print scarf. I don't know how you do it but as usual, I'm impressed.

  4. I absolutely love this outfit on you. The layers and assortment of colours and patterns are perfect together. And oh man, you just described my V-Day experience perfectly. I also remember being angry and going to my neopets. Except that I still absolutely hate it. I make a point to hate it while I'm in a relationship so people can't just reduce me to being bitter about being single.


  5. hahaha oh goodness, I absolutely LOVE your curtain jacket thing… and I am so envious that you can make something that probably looked GODAWFUL on a hanger absolutely stunning in an outfit. You have some kind of wizard ability, I think!!

  6. Well that is a fine looking curtain jacket! You pull it off so well! Love the shade of lipstick too. I think Valentine's day is overrated. One thing I like about it is the chocolates (but I buy myself candy all the time anyway :)).

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