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May has been the lousiest month ever!
This month has been so lousy, I was planning on making an UNfavorites post! It would have been so negative, the positive charge of protons would have dissolved and destroyed the very nature of existence!!! <—– Three exclamation marks!!! That’s how you know I mean business!!!

We’ve been so poor lately, I have no favorites, except for the obvious things poor people appreciate like: the warmth of the sun, oxygen and “beauty of nature”…..That’s a load of crap if you ask me! Apart from having no money, May has been generous towards a lot of unnecessary, stressful moments, for which I have invented a coping mechanism: Embrace fetal position, wait for problems to magically disappear, drink beer. 

Despite the stressing, drama, anxiety and doom, I heroically managed to gather 4 favorites from my measly, disintegrating life and make a coherent post, so here ya go!

Favorite Read
 “The more than complete Hitchhiker’s guide” is a booky I received for the Birthday. 
I bet 90% of the population has at least heard of Douglas Adam’s notorious “Hitchhiker’s Guide to the galaxy“, but I was more drawn to his little addition titled: Life, the Universe and everything“. The misadventures of our main heroes are so utterly hilarious and so bewilderingly weird, I was constantly producing a very attractive snort sound every time I laughed.
A few examples of what the book contains: a cute talking mattress, an attempt to fix a nation’s problems with potatoes and a party that has lasted four generations…Enough said! 

Stuff In Jars!!!

I’m having a weird craving to put things in jars…. My boyfriend says it’s incredibly stupid to drink or eat something from a jar, but I love it! It’s so vintagy and looks kinda cool, no? When I showed him all the Pinterest photos of jars, he just blurted out: “People are idiots”... Yes we are, yes we are…
Any who, since it’s Summer I prepared a raspberry juice and an ice cold peach juice with milk, honey and lemons. Sounds weird, but it’s actually pretty yummy, and CHEAP!
Favorite Movie
I didn’t feel like watching any movies this month!!!

Favorite Song: 

(tip: it gets really good at 0:52)
Whoever says video games are stupid should reconsider his priorities in life. Video games are like watching a really, really good movie, but 100,000 times more rewarding! So yeah, favorite song today is from Mass Effect 2, which you guys still haven’t played! Boo! If I have to be serious though (and we all know I’m not good at that) I rarely shove my interests down people’s throats. If you like stupid shit, like it, I don’t care, but the thing about Mass Effect is that it’s so incredibly magnificent and life fulfilling that I would feel empty if I don’t force everyone I know into playing it!

Favorite Fashion Find

Thank God for the Birthday, because if it wasn’t for this awesome present, I wouldn’t have any fashion favorites! You have probably already seen my new hologram cut out boots in this post here. I got them from Amazon and it’s surprising how good the quality is. I’ve been so used to crappy clothes and shoes I was blown away, that I actually have a pair that doesn’t dissolve on the third wear. Yay! Plus, check out those veiny legs, yummy! 

So that’s about it! Hope you guys liked and let me know if your month was as crappy as mine! See you in June!!! 
*goes back to fetal position* 
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21 thoughts on “Nonexistent Budget May Favorites”

  1. Oh man, this month was so fucked up. I hear you on the no money thing 🙁 I had to eat rice the whole month, because yeah, I'm fucking broke 🙁 Sometimes I just wish I could give up on everything, grab my toothbrush and get the fuck out of here. I would buy two chickens and a goat and I would live in a cave somewhere *insanity wolf*

    Anyway, the boots are awesome! YAY for birthday presents 😀
    And uhm.. I think I agree with your boyfriend about the jars lol, but everybody is going crazy over them hahaha! 😀

    Hope June will be a better month for all <3

  2. to be honest with you I don't quite get it what's going on with all those jars 😛 so many bloggers are like crazy about putting food/drinks in the jar and posting about it, hehe. anyway, your drinks do look delicious and I would try both of them!
    now, when it comes to May I have to say it has included all kinds of stuff. the stupid flu that was absolutely horrible, some drama, some solutions to the drama, a wonderful trip to Crete, work, work and more work, stuff like that. it was kind of okay, even nice I think. but I'm still looking forward to June already. it's my birthday month 😉

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. Абе бурканите са си мега яките! Не се бях сещала, ама и аз ще си направя коктейли в буркан. Само не разбрах това компот от ягоди ли е или по друг начин си го направила?
    Колкото до всякаквите видове проблеми – има такива моменти (за жалост някои са по-дълги), когато всичко сякаш върви наопаки. Аз лично тогава искам да се завия през глава и да не ставам от леглото, докато не мине всичко. Ама както са казали хората this too shall pass и пак ще ни е хубаво, така че горе главата, пий си коктейлите и чакам покана за коктейл от буркан ;Р

  4. Love the boots, love you legs-hardly see the veins at all and wouldn't if you hadn't said anything to make me squint at my screen and try to find one or two. Love Douglas Adams! I have a CD set of the BBC radio production of the Hitchhiker's Guide. It's awesome! Have you read the Dirk Gently Holistic Detective Agency?

  5. I'm sorry this month has been so crappy. 🙁 I understand needing to dissolve a little ways from the blogging world, though — the hubs and I just moved into our first home and painted the entire thing, and we still have stuff to put away — it's exhausting and I haven't been blogging for about to weeks because of it. I'm hoping to get back into the swing of things soon. And hopefully June will treat you better. <3


  6. OH NO! You know you're poor when you start appreciating nature. I have been on longer bike rides lately… I'm catching the poor!!

    Stuff in jars in totally cute. I like putting rocks in jars and I have a jar full of snake vertebrae, too. It's a weird and perfect obsession.

  7. I love Pinterest photos of drinks from jars. So cute. Your boots are fab. Happy Birthday to you. I understand how some months can be so crappy. Hope June will be better for you.

  8. I want that peach juice/milk recipe…please post it!
    May wasn't so bad unless you include having to confront a co-worker about her shitty condescending attitude, which I did and now she can't get over it…whatever….wait…no…there were other crap moments that are now coming to mind…

  9. Hope June is a better month for you, lovely. I totally agree with you about eating (and especially drinking!) things out of jars but my other half is as scathing about it as yours is!

  10. May is usually my favorite month, but I have such high expectations for it, if anything goes wrong, it's completely destroyed. I spent the entirety of the month in cast a couple years ago. Watching the sun from my window without being able to go out was really depressing, so I know how you feel. Life will get better though! It's taken 3+ years for my foot to really heal, but it is happening! I doubt you'll have to wait that long for life to become wonderful again.

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