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Since we’re still with a pretty tight budget, I thought I’d make another tight budget June favorites post. Man, it’s hard saving money, especially if you want expensive stuff, like The Witcher 3 collector’s edition! Sigh… 🙁 

Favorite Food

I’m not into the whole World Cup craze, but I do like dem chips Chio released for the football thingies. It’s one of those “limited edition” things, you wish that weren’t limited edition at all. It’s good for munching on, while watching a boring football match and falling asleep in the process. Hey don’t judge, I’m a girly girl, I like pink ribbons and being stroked on the hair… sometimes… Sometimes I like watching people get shred into bits and pieces, like in “Attack On Titan“…

Favorite “Cosmetic” 

So, I bought this Batman shower gel, which is probably the most cheap-ass product I’ve ever gotten, but I loved the bottle! It’s with Batman darn it!
This doesn’t even have a brand. It just sat there in a nearby little shop, together with two other bottles with Wolverine and The Avengers.

I wonder if I’d get a rash from using it too often…we’ll see. I’ll keep you posted, in case you really need to know if I get a rash on my ass! If I don’t, I think I might try The Wolverine one in the future. 

Favorite Achievement 

You guys know, I’m not the one to brag, but I appreciate every victory in my life and this one is big for me! ^_^ I styled 4 outfits with a simple white t-shirt for the Summer Issue of Triangle Style Magazine. And their lovely employee sent me the published magazine. Gotta say, seeing my weirdo mug on paper feels like a big accomplishment!

Favorite Crazy Pill

So, it’s official, my blog has a legitimate reason to be called “Beauty In Insanity“. I have been battling a panic disorder for over two months now, I’ve had my ups and downs, and it’s been a real life altering experience. This is the main reason why I haven’t been very active on your blogs, because I’ve been working on improving myself day in and day out.
I was wondering whether or not to share this with my readers, because in the beginning I thought it made me look “weak”. But the reality is, it doesn’t make me look weak. Anyone who has been through this, knows what kind of inhuman strength and willpower a person needs to sum up in order to fight this. A chill pill helps a lot too, although I’m not taking any meds I take the herb based Validol. Yay for herbs! And yay for what doesn’t kill us, makes us stronger!

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19 thoughts on “Nonexistent Budget June Favorites”

  1. I like this cheap favorites list, lol. It's a great way to see what you're up to outside of the fashion world! The chips look really good! You and I are practically the same type of people, girly but enjoy people being eaten by fleshy, weird looking Titans (can't wait for second season)! Hope you don't get a rash from using that gel, that wouldn't be JUSTICE, Congrats on your feature! I can't wait until my first publish in a fashion magazine. Dude, I know it will get better for you! It takes time but you will get over this little bump in your life ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  2. Oh hey! Look at you! Congratulations on getting two whole pages dedicated to your awesome style! That's a huge accomplishment and definitely worth mentioning. It's so weird seeing your face in a publication, right?

    I'm glad you've opted for a natural remedy. I struggled with depression and anxiety attacks during middle school and high school. I took paxil which I think is illegal in Europe. At least I know it is in England. It's very addicting and took years to get off. I don't regret it, because it did help me a lot, but I was lucky I didn't have worse side-affects. Anxiety, like depression, is something your brain has to 'heal'. It happens, but it takes time, patience, and a lot of work. You'll get there!

  3. Dude, that's awesome about the magazine feature! You need to buy as many copies of that and frame that shit. 😀

    Also I'm so so glad to hear that you've found a natural remedy. I am no stranger to mental problems and I understand the want to be able to do it "on your own" and "in a natural way" where you sort of learn slowly opposed to drowning yourself in meds. You're on the right path and I know that a stunning, badass lady such as yourself will improve and improve and improve! 🙂

  4. Congrats on you magazine feature!! That's amazing!
    And I think you might be my semi-soul-mate, just for the "Attack on Titan" part alone, I want to come to Bulgaria and give you a hug.
    Careful with that Validol though, my mom used to give it to me when I couldn't sleep at night after watching some horror movie back in the days 😀

  5. Big hugs for you!!! You look amazing in that magazine spread and every time I look at your blog I always think you look like you are in a magazine. That's where you belong, on the cool girl page!
    Keit, I take medication daily for anxiety. I'm fortunate that it isn't really bad, but then I've never let it get there. Without the medication though I cannot function and will just progressively withdraw, feeling overwhelmed by even the smallest things. My son lives with a sever anxiety disorder. It is so debilitating there aren't enough meds in the world to make him better and it breaks my heart. He is smart and sweet and his life is totally messed up by this. Do what you need to do to take good care of yourself and know that you are indeed very strong for fighting this battle. Mental health is still a stigmatised issue but it's getting better. I could rant and rave and talk about that for hours. If you ever want to talk to someone who knows what it's like, you can e-mail me through the link on my blog.
    You are awesome. You are smart and funny and creative and unique.

  6. Know that whatever you're going through, I will not think you are weak. This is your blog and it represents you. It doesn't really matter what others think of you and as long as you can live with it, that's all that matters.
    Congrats being in the magazine! Woohoo!!

  7. It's hard sharing your soft underbelly with the world! And you are brave for doing so. The bravest people are those who live and function AT ALL with anxiety and depression. You will find others are able to share because you have. At the ripe old age of 51 and fighting depression, anxiety and Aspergers all my life, I know what I'm saying 🙂 Congrats on all your achievements this month: saving, modelling and risk taking. Understanding this at this age will take you far! XO Jazzy Jack

  8. congrats to the published styling/modeling!!!!
    fighting my whole life with anxiety and depression i understand what it means to you – to find help in form of some herbs and to talk/write about. but to open up about helps dealing with the issue – my experience.
    chips instead would make me sick, physical and mental. did not eat such food since more then 20 years. the artificial flavors and colors do strange things to me……….

  9. I take two different chill pills both prescribed by a doctor and both have helped me lead a normal life. I don't think anyone who admits they need help is weak, owning up to my mental illness is one of the hardest things I have had to do, so I think you are really brave sharing it on here.
    Hey congrats on the publication 🙂

    Gems x

  10. I looked at a youtube video from a girl (about fashion usually) a few days ago who was talking about anxiety disorder and explaining it a bit, but I didn't know what was your trouble before a little search. It looks complicated to deal with indeed, so I hope you will kick its butt and deal with it in a manageable way 😉
    Congrat for the publication; The photos are so lovely! I would have enjoyed having these pages on my magazine.
    I love your favorites, it's a good way to remenber us to look at daily thinks we may forget about their cool side. It doesn't have to be extremely expensive to be a favorite (I still love my glittery unicron pog from my 7yo self and will never be able to throw it, I can embrace it!) Have a good day!

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