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What I always say about bags is, except the fact that I wish mine came with a freezer compartment so I can store food, but another thing I always say is, a women’s bag is not a bag if you can’t fit a crossbow in it! My new bag from Nmenouno does the exact opposite. I wore it when we bought the crossbow for Christmas, which I showed you in my December favorites, and not only did the crossbow fit, but the bag had a few small pockets for storing my lipstick too. Double win!

Jokes aside, (I’m not joking, I’m dead serious) today’s outfit is an attempt at mixing different fabrics, and Nmenouno’s bag was perfect for the job. I wanted to create an outfit consisted of vast amount of patterns, colors and textures, so for the first layer I chose a feminine shift dress with lace. I think the mixture of the bag’s sturdy fabric and creative motives, and the delicate material of the dress is a winning combo. 

For the upper layer I couldn’t help myself but wore my new Christine knit cardigan I was secretly saving for a second hand haul post. The reason I’m so excited for the cardigan is that it is from Noisy May, but I found it brand new in a thrift store for the amount of 15$! Whoever gave away this mouthful of deliciousness, thank you!!! It now has a proud and happy owner and I’m giving it away only over my dead gorgeous body!

For jewelry this is the first time I decided to wear my golden swan necklace that was hand crafted for my graduation. I must have been a very delicate soul back then, considering I wanted a swan. If you ask me what I want handcrafted now, I’d probably say a golden pizza. I guess when you turn 25 priorities shift!

For a complete textured finish, I paired everything with my favorite chunky gray socks, camel booties and black leggings. 
Bag – c/o Nmenouno, Lace dress – Frontrowshop, Chelsea boots – Stradivarius, Cardigan – Noisy May (found it on LaRedoute)
What do you guys think of this attempt at mixing, do you likey? 
If you had a chance to get a handcrafted jewel what would you want it to be? 
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21 thoughts on “Noisy May Christine Knit Cardigan + Nmenouno Bag”

    1. as for a handcrafted neckpiece … I would go for a pizza one as well…kindred spirits 😀
      my mom was hovering behind me as I read this post and asked if you are another one of my international blog buddies..and I said yes 😀 😀

  1. Dude, I'm all about food in my purse! It's sad but it's so true lol. That's pretty awesome that you found a purse to fit your crossbow in lol. Love the way you mixed the patterns/textures for this outfit! Totally perfection! If I had a chance to get a handcrafted jewel, it would probably be flowers lol ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  2. Being able to fit a crossbow in ones purse is a must. Not to mention I always have to have at least three lipstick choices with me at any moment, haha! I love this pink cardigan. I always find things at thrift stores too and think, why would someone ever get rid of this?! Oh well, her loss is your gain! I love how you explain this ensemble as very thought out, but it reads so very effortless! What a talent to have 🙂

  3. You know it's a real bag when you can fit a crossbow and two Olsen twins in it! (Haha, I had a flash-back when you were talking to the art bags the Olsens carried back in 2003(?), the bags were literally so big that they could have fit in a human or two. I was so impressed.) This bag is quite a bit more stylish though, I like the little stripes! (Pics needed of the crossbow though, we need action shots!) You are so cute in glasses! It's like man, could you get any cuter?

  4. All your give aways come from such weirdly named companies. I can't pronounce them in my head!
    So now that's off my chest…I looove the lace dress with the black leggings and boots. Definitely gonna try this one.
    Gorgeous specs. As one spec wearer to another 😉
    As for a necklace, i can't go past your dinosaur skeleton in my brain!
    Have a lovely weekend…with your crossbody/bow bag. xo Jazzy Jack

  5. I'm a huge fan of mixing textures, so this outfit impresses me all the way. I love how each piece is radically different, but it somehow comes all together to make one really playful and pretty outfit. I swear to god, you can just pull off anything. And wooot on you scoring that at the thrift store. I always get a mini heart attack when I score things like that- it's such a fun high haha. Paying full price is for suckas.

    xo marlen
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