Nmenouno Couture “Sustainable is Beautiful” Collection

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Hiiiii everybody! How was your weekend? Mine was the stereotypical Spring-y one – lots of Japanese, beer and grilling steaks (Well, boyfriend was grilling I was just standing in the way).

I’ve been searching for a nice sunny spot to plant some very special seeds I got from Nmenouno. You probably know this brand already, I’ve been rambling about them for months! (You can check out my previous posts about them here and here.)

Nmenouno offered me to style two Spring pieces, one of which is from their special “Sustainable is Beautiful” line. The concept behind the collection is looking at fashion as a way to bring back to the world! All the clothes are made from 100% biological cotton which is GOTS certified and is produced by organizations belonging to the “World Fair Trade Organisation“. Which basically means, that the fabrics are made without dangerous and harmful pesticides or insecticides, and by workers who are treated humanely.

But the cherry on the cake is the packaging! Each item is sold in a planter with seeds, which you can plant and grow by yourself! By doing this, you’re not just consuming, you’re producing, you’re creating something beautiful and meaningful and giving back to Earth, which I personally believe should be a concept every company should follow. Imagine a world where the environment is preserved and people are treated with respect!
Btw, cats love it too!

The draped capri pants are form Nmenouno’s Passion collection. I know many people would have reservations, towards wearing pants as bold as these, but I think that experimenting with different designs and textures is key for uncovering every aspect of fashion. The world would be a very dull place indeed, if we all stick to one mental box only, closed off from new ideas and  challenges.

Bag- c/o Nowistyle, Cropped Top- c/o SLY, Tartan Shirt- Second hand, Capri Pants- c/o Nmenouno.

The culisse top is from the “Sustainable is beautiful” line and is made from a cotton-linen blend. The ties are adjustable and the purpose of the design is to be, as versatile and as flowy as possible. You can wear it with a bare shoulder, as a skirt or as a simple breezy Spring top. 

To be honest, I’ve been quite inspired by my collaborations with Nmenouno. Their view and attitude towards the world is so very different and much more positive than most people. I strongly recommend checking out their website and Facebook. They always come up with new ideas, that I’m sure you girlies would love and feel excited about! ^_^

Horsy bag- c/o Choies, Leggings and Neon Beanie- c/o Nowistyle, High Wedge Sneakers- River Island, Necklace- c/o Sammydress, Top- c/o Nmenouno.
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16 thoughts on “Nmenouno Couture “Sustainable is Beautiful” Collection”

  1. I love posts like this one, I still go back and read the one you wrote about the Bangladeshi garment workers..Such a great brand, thank you for introducing me to them, LOVE your kitties x

  2. I think both of those pieces are perfect for you but I'm pretty sure they would not look that good on me for example 😛 anyway, I'm happy you "shared" your cats and I want to see more! AND I would also love to see how are those future plants doing so it would be cool if you shared some more photos in your next posts. it definitely is such an awesome idea from Nmenouno.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. Aah, what a cool company! I love that you share brands that reflect things you are attuned to anyway, Miss Keit. 😀 And those pants are so gooooood… hey, maybe a non-pants-wearer like me could even manage to wear them!

    I'm still really digging your horse purse too. I can only imagine how fun it would be to whack people with and make bad horse puns, eg: "Quit horsin' around! *whack" or "HAY there, neeeeiiiighhhhhbors! *whack*" or "*whack* I hope I didn't stirrup any emotions by doing that"

    I think of these things.

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