Nmenouno Couture Bell Bottoms with a Dash of Sparkle

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Question: What is the difference between an okay day and a fabulous day?  
Answer: Sequins!!!
I bet you didn’t expect that! I bet you’re acting all surprised just to not to ruin the moment and hurt my feelings! Either way, you guys probably already know of my love for shiny particles. They have become tools that I need for my sole survival, like oxygen or junk food, or like a warm smelly blanket in a cold snowy day. Today’s outfit is a mixture of two of my favorite items: sequins and bell bottoms!
These past few days I have teamed up with Nmenouno again to present their new Autumn-Winter collection, and more importantly to showcase the textured bell bottom pants in today’s outfit. If you haven’t already heard about Nmenouno, (and this is blasphemy I tell you!) you can see my previous posts about them here & here
Their new collection is called Manifold and staying true to Nmenouno’s eco consciousness, the collection celebrates the richness of the natural world and how it can be a part of fashion.
Manifold presents pure hand woven wool patterns, linen and cotton blended fabrics, organic jerseys and many more fabrics that are all natural, eco-friendly and sewn with love. 

Every item is a an art piece on its own, and the same goes for these pants. They’re made from a high quality industrial silk blend and the fit is exactly what my meatless bones needs – tight and comfortable, sexy but laid back. 

As your professional deranged person I am unwilling to let go of my Holiday spirit, even though Christmas just passed by. So for the styling here I used my Christmas outfits as inspiration (yes, I frequently inspire myself with myself) and layered a basic white shirt with my sequin t-shirt, used my hefty red bag, chunky booties and for a fabulous finish – a dark red lip.  
What do you ladies (and gentlemen) think? And how is life after the holidays? Do tell in the comments, I want to know every little detail of your personal lives!

Bell Bottom pants – c/o Nmenouno, Oversize white shirt – Yoins, Sequin t-shirt – Second hand.
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23 thoughts on “Nmenouno Couture Bell Bottoms with a Dash of Sparkle”

  1. He ho, I guess you were able to force me to do something against my will 😉 Haha, no, I received so many nice comments that I realized how much I would miss the blog. So, I decided NOT to close down the blog, as I would miss you all too much! Blogging is a too big thing for me and emphasizes too many aspects of my life that are fab! So come back to my blog, a new outfit post is up, too!

  2. This sequined top is amazing! I love that it's multicolored! So much fun. Also you're rocking the bell bottoms. I wish I had a pair but nobody makes them in short inseams! If I hem long ones I just end up with a flare starting somewhere near my lower calf which isn't exactly the same effect. So sad.

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  3. You are my favourite stylist and deranged person! All sorts of things which I hate on me, I love on you because you have the eye of an artist. Your canvas is your own 'meatless bones' which, by the way, look just fine to me as long as you promise that you eat real food sometimes and don't live on junk. Then I would have to lecture you about looking after yourself properly because hospital gowns are never stylish. And that is NOT a challenge.

    My post Christmas days have been spent mostly resting and sometimes doing something exciting like tidying a closet. Aren't you glad you asked?

  4. Hi 🙂 I'm Iwona and I am a blogger and illustrator 🙂 I just found your blog, which is interesting and cute:) I really like it 🙂 I would like to show you my blog and my illustrations and If you get a second, I' d love to hear your thoughts on topic my illustrations and blog:) I greet:)

  5. wow, that sequin top is a serious bomb!!! I know you've showed it several times before but today it really shines and sparkles! and you, Keit, are the only person I know (or "know"?) who pulls off such crazy sequin tops and bell bottoms too, of course. you put them all together and it looks fabulous! gosh and the weather over there looks divine :O I want summer too! or at least spring… or just a season that's sunny and bright and doesn't include snow and ice!

    Part of me

  6. I love the fit of those pants, Keit. My absence on my blog shows that life after the holidays takes some getting used to again and you're not the only deranged person refusing to let go of the season. Love your sequins shirt.

  7. Yaaas for bell bottoms! They look comfy, the sequin top with the white shirt is my absolutely favorite part though, it's so fun omg. Life after the holidays has been awesome! and I didn't over-eat like I usually do in the beginning of the year so that's a good sign probably 😀

    onacruz blog

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