Nikon d5100


I’m starting to think that having a good camera is fucking crucial in order to take good photos. (Captain Obvious). I just got mine for the upcoming Birthday and damn! I swear, if I take a picture of my cat licking it’s bottom, it’s going to be fantastic ! Here are some sample shots and the promised photos of my coffee 😀 .

Here it is with a vintage effect:

  And here it is with something incredibly original written on it :

A fucking lemon ! That’s what all professional photographers shoot right ?

 Me trying to be a model

 My crooked smile, niiiice.I wore braces whole year. If you think this is bad, you’ll be surprised when you see me in 8ght grade.

  And the wannabe ballerina !

 I have to admit, I made a little adjustments, mostly spots and blemishes, cause of my bad skin day…but it kinda looks awesome ??? Right ??? ( seeking desperately compliments). Anyways here is the look of the day 🙂

        Skirt- Topshop, Top- I have no idea where it is from, Ballerina white shoes-
The leather jacket is one size too big for me, but that’s the beauty of it. It really makes the whole outfit stand out with a little bit more character.

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6 thoughts on “Nikon d5100”

  1. I never know how crucial pics turn out to be till I have an SLR as a birthday present too! They're great for taking beautiful pictures. Just needed to brush up the skills.
    I like all your close up pictures. You look like a natural beauty =) the last picture is also my fav too =)

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