New Year’s Special: “Stay Golden” Glitter Lip Kit color “Galactica” Review.

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Happy New Year everyone! Despite the fact that I bought tons of kinky stuff for this New Year’s Party, I do not like celebrating this night. I never really have fun on it, and for me it is just another year rolling by and shortening your life span. Happy closer to death day! Call me the drama queen……

Any who, now that we’ve gotten that out of the way, let us discuss the more important topics, the meat and potatoes of every New Year Party – glitter.

*Note, this is not a sponsored post*

I found this glitter lip kit in which is the Bulgarian equivalent of Ebay.  I
thought that if I am going to be a self proclaimed drama queen and ruin everyone else’s New Year, I have
to do it in style, so I immediately bought it and googled the brand. I
now realize that I should have done this the other way around…. let us pretend this never happened.

The glitter lip kit is from Stay Golden cosmetics and it comes with a vast variety of colors. The only one which was available in Olx was their color Galactica which my teeth were not prepared for. It leaves a gorgeous black shade on your lips making your shiny white teeth look like fries.

The lip kit contains of a white base which you have to place firstly and then apply the glitter with the brush.

The application was a fairly easy process for me which was a real
shocker considering I almost pluck my eyes out every time I place
eyeliner and when it comes to nail polish my hands shake so much you’d
think the nail polish is actually an evil possessed entity.

The lipstick should be kiss-proof and in my case alcohol-proof. It managed to stay with me through the whole night of drinking Jin and smoking so many cigarettes I have a feeling my liver will avenge his painful existence anytime now.

As you can see it is not as shiny as in the website, where the lips of the model look like fireflies have made their nest there. It has more of a sugar sprinkles look to it and I have to say it is not the most comfortable thing to wear, but bearing in mind this shade is not for daily use, I give my experience a 9 out of 10.

Overall, I am happy with my
purchase. The color is spectacular, the glitter is easy to remove with
my Micellar water, it has a slight shimmer to it under appropriate
lightning and it’s at a fairly cost efficient price. For 18$ I would
totally try out different colors as well, the only thing stopping me is
my bank account and the -10 bucks I have in it. #poor

Let me know have you guys tried anything glittery for your lips and have you heard of this brand. I’d love to hear you out. 

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6 thoughts on “New Year’s Special: “Stay Golden” Glitter Lip Kit color “Galactica” Review.”

  1. What a fun surprise to see you back to blogging after so long – I have missed your sense of humour and your wild style. I think I wore glitter on my lips once when I was in my mid-twenties, for a costume party. It was definitely not kiss proof and didn't last much longer than my first drink, which was disappointing. Since then, I haven't had many opportunities to get quite so overdressed 😉

  2. No, I don't think I've ever tried a glitter lipstick. I'm not sure where I would wear it to if I did, but I would like to try it…why not? The application doesn't look terribly difficult and it looks nice on you. BTW Your dog is adorable!!!!

    When it comes to NY, I always liked to spend my NYE doing something productive as opposed to partying. It is my weird personal superstitious, I believe if I spend the NYE busying with self with something I like doing, that my year might be more successful and that I might end up doing what I love….and maybe I just like to be rebellious. When everyone is partying, I feel the desire not to. I'm kind of weird that way….but I love the first day of the new year. It's like my favourite day of the year, everything feels so fresh and new. Everyone is full of enthusiasm (or at least people seem more hopeful) and I don't mind all that positive energy.

  3. Hah! Well I have my own facial expression that says 'don't you dare fucking kiss me' so I don't need scary black sparkle lips to do that. I do love micellar water so there-something we have in common. Insert derp-faced emoji here cause I don't know how to make one cause old.

  4. I wonder if you could place the glitter on your lids for a dark but glittery look! Happy closer to death day is so creative I'm going to use that next year. Hahah. You make me laugh, chortle, chuckle, choke from my own throat cramps and I will continue to amuse myself by coming here. Love your eyeball color by the way and you make me want to wear purple eyeliner! Thanks a bunch Keit! :p

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