New Year’s resolution and vintage jeans

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 Since my Last Year’s Resolution was “become a millionaire” and now the
crushing reality of the fact that I have only one week left to become a
millionaire, has dropped upon me, this year I’m making a more realistic
resolution. You know, something a bit less challenging. Every self help
book proclaims that people need to set out realistic small goals,
so later you can feel good about achieving them. So this is mine…
 I think this is fairly achievable! What are your resolutions my dear readers?

Fashiony part: I remember having this pair of jeans in my 8th grade and hated them in my guts. I thought I looked like grandma and that these exact pair of jeans, would be the reason I wouldn’t get laid till the day I die.  

Now, I feel like a toasty cinnamon bun, strolling down the snowy streets in an ugly pair of jeans…Couldn’t be happier in them. They’re huge and make me look like an old man, but at least now I can justify a 23 year old girl wearing baggy, grandpa jeans, just by labeling them vintage. And suddenly, I’m sexy again!

Merry Christmas everyone, have a fantastic, alcohol fueled holidays! Now I’m off to my parents, to eat all their food and to completely shatter all their dreams of having a daughter with ambitions and goals.

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27 thoughts on “New Year’s resolution and vintage jeans”

  1. hahaha.. ahh. you know how to make me laugh. there, there, my dear. 😉 as the year draws to an end, many people have that time of reckoning, myself included.

    also, i really don't think i could pull off elastic, high waisted jeans. you nailed it, though! wonderful colors and layers!

    really impressed!

    – Anna

  2. I have been trying to thrift a pair of jeans like this for sooo long. They used to be everywhere in thrift stores and now all thrift stores have modern stuff…what is up with that?! This is so cozy/cute/edgy/chic I don't even know, but I know I love it. I've already gained so much inspiration from you. Plus that scarf in the first photo is amazing! Hope you have fun at your parents' place!

  3. hahahaha Keit you're hilarious!! I just love reading your posts. Those are the best New Years' Resolutions, for reals. I haven't even began thinking up mine.

    I like your grampa jeans. You work them so well. And the pop of yellow from your cardigan is awesome.

    Oh, and have fun eating your parents food and shattering their ambitions 😉 pshh I'm sure they adore you!

  4. Хахахах same here! Поради тази причина спрях да си пожелавам неща за Нова година. Само около рождения си ден си пиша списък с цели, които се предполага да постигна до следващия, но обикновено до никъде не съм я докарала => всичко това действа доста депресиращо.
    Весели празници! 🙂

  5. hi blogger!! Just happen to pass by your blog!! you style looks so different but great!!love this personal details on this outfit!! Most of all i love the yellow jacket!! :)If you want you can take a look on my blog!!I'm a new blogger !!!!! 🙂 We can follow each other!!What do you think??? 🙂 Just let me know your answer -where you follow me- on my blog and then i followed you back!!!

    xoxo stefania 🙂

  6. Haha, it's crazy how anything crazy and old can be labeled vintage and suddenly there's the cool factor. (Um, I pretty sure I had a pair of these in 7th grade as well. LOATHED them.) Only you could rock mom jeans and make them cool and off beat like this.

    I'll just wish you a good luck on you previous New Year's resolution coming true because hey, you never know what might happy in a week! (And a merry belated christmas as well!)

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