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What is this I’m hearing? Is it New Year already? Yiupiieee! Time to turn my life around, or not, who cares. New Year is one of the Holidays I really dread. I have a hipster’s attitude towards all the craziness this crappy night brings. I’ve had few outings on New Year, it was always boring, unnecessary and overly dramatic. I like the fireworks though, even though my cat thinks it’s gunfire and hides in the toilet every time, thinking it’s a bomb shelter of some sort.

How was your New Year guys? 

Fashiony part: This is The Coat with capital “C”. I’ve never owned a coat that is such an attention grabber. I call it “the head turning coat”  (yes, I’m not very smart).  People keep staring at it with dilated cat-like pupils, it’s so weird. 
Best thing about this beauty, is you can modify the hood and remove the fur, if it’s too much for you. But the best, best, bestie thing is, it has pockets! I cannot stress enough how important it is to have an outerwear with pockets. I’m so sick from all the coats and jackets, with sewn pockets. Why the hell would you do that? 
Basically almost everything is from NowIstyle. I love their Winter collection, can’t wait to see what they’ll come up with for Spring!

Sweater- Nowistyle, Coat-Nowistyle, Scarf-Nowistyle, Jeans-New Yorker. 

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26 thoughts on “New Year Blah + Nowistyle fur hooded coat”

  1. obviously I love that coat. I love the pattern, the fluffy snow white fur.. yeah, it's such a great piece of clothing. and I also like the combo of grey and yellow. overall it's a wonderful look, Keit. oh and New Year's celebrations are definitely overrated. here in Estonia stupid people started their fireworks already before Christmas and are STILL doing it :@ Elvis hates fireworks and is too scared to even go outside when it's happening. so yeah, no positive feelings towards fireworks from me.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. I love that houndstooth coat so much! It really is an eye catching print when you think about it. I love that the fur is removable and that it has plenty of pockets too.

  3. Dude, I agree. That is the best coat! I've wanted a coat in that pattern for awhile now, but you're right. It's a real attention grabber and I think that is what is holding me back. After seeing this though, I feel like it may be worth taking the plunge. 😀 Beautiful mix of colors and patterns (as usual hehe). The scarf is perfect! Happy New Year! <3

    – Anna

  4. Do you actually get prettier every time you take outfit photos? I think you do. Personally I'm not much for New Year's Eve, either – it's always loud, crowded and boring. I actually did have plans this year but when they got cancelled at the last minute I didn't even really care.

  5. That coat is just INCREDIBLE! I agree I hate it when I fall in love with a coat and then it teases you with fake pockets-where are you supposed to put your gloves or hats or stash your snacks like a squirrel?! Someone wasn't thinking that one through.
    The proportion and pattern of the coat with your reddish jeans is just so chic. Switching it up with the scarf was genius. I just can't say enough good things about this! 🙂

  6. Oh well, I see – we totally agree on this damn New Year's Eve-issue! 😀

    This coat is stunning and I love how you combine it – you always manage it, to let everything look very YOU-ish,
    casual, laid-back and totally not average.

    Have a cozy sunday, girl. =^.^=

  7. i'm so in love with this scarf! + i'm super jealous of your legs! i wish i could pull off red jeans since i think they look awesome but on me… not really, haha. xx

    beautiful garbage

  8. Ooo, I like this coat a lot! How do you have so many comfy things that are cute? I'm pretty sure all my comfy clothes are black and totally not cute. But anywho, Happy New Year! My New Year's was pretty boring this year. I don't think I even consumed any alcohol, which is weeeiiird, come to think of it.

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