New video is up. Styling tartan/plaid for Autumn-Winter.

Helllloooo! I had a lot of free time on my hands these past few days (shocker), so here’s a new vid. 
Sorry for the crappy strategic shots of my sofa, can’t figure out where to make these full shots videos. 
Hope you like it, you sexy burritos! Have  a happy weekend, filled with Hugh Jackmans and waffles!

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12 thoughts on “New video is up. Styling tartan/plaid for Autumn-Winter.”

  1. Sexy burrito? I like being called that. Can we all be your gang of sexy burrito people? 😀

    I loe all these looooks. Especially that neon bodycon dress with plaid, and the burnt orange skirt with those socks… swoooon! And you have a wonderful taste in music!

  2. Hahaha <3 You are so so adorable. I just love your accent. I could listen to you talk all day. 😀 I love grunge granny! You should totally do a style post wearing that outfit! Love that teal cardigan, too! Totally rad plaid blazer, also!

    Three cheers for Hugh Jackmans and waffles <3

    – Anna

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    (sorry too excited to cut and paste properly haha)

  3. I feel like I've been waiting my whole life to be called a sexy burrito. 😉

    so, your outfits are amazing. Damn, girlie, you have got some serious legs going on there. For realz. I love how the tights-and-shorts look highlights them so well.

    ps: the first look was my favorite.

    pss: your hair is looking so long and luscious lately.


  4. Yooooour accent! May I steal it so I sound as awesome and sexy as you? And also, Hugh Jackman and waffles? How you know the way to my heart! (It is very cool to hear your voice, you sound like how I pictured you sounding, just with a way more exotic accent.)

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