New hair, new life


New hair, new …something… Ok, nothing really happened. I enjoy the same boring, event-less life I did yesterday. But here it is, the long- awaited pixie. It was a very interesting experience. I never thought I would have doubts about it. But there I was, trapped on the chair watching my big, ponytail get cut off. I went with a friend of mine, but she met another friend of hers, than came boyfriend  and everybody were staring outside, waiting in anticipation for my ponytail to drop dead on the floor. I felt like a fish in an aquarium. So ponytail gone and everybody screaming from outside: “keep it, keep the damn ponytail” I felt an instant relief. Why the hell would I want to keep it ? What am I suppose to do with it? Make a voodoo doll? Or get rid of its split ends…anyways… After a lot of cutting and me squinting it happened. The greatest thing of all time! Behold, my big head !

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12 thoughts on “New hair, new life”

  1. Whoa!! I wouldn't be so daring to do this but I salute you for doing so! I think it is a daring move but well worth it!! It does look good on you. A change is always good. Must be so easy to manage your hair now =D

  2. The pixie is SO perfect. I love the length and how semi-spiky it is. Coming from a girl who wanted a pixie but settled for a bob–I know how much courage it took to chop all that hair off!

    China Lily

  3. you're definitely one of those (in my opinion few) ladies who is meant to have short hair. it makes you look so edgy and brings out all the good features. definitely a really correct decision ๐Ÿ˜‰
    and I'm looking forward to your new posts ๐Ÿ™‚

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

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