Need my beauty sleep


So this is what I’ve been doing these days, being lazy and productive at the same time.

 I swear Russian language is the hardest thing I’ll ever have to endure. That and the pain from my wisdom-tooth (what can I say, my life is boring).

This is my huge cat-like-dog-like-ragdoll. She is usually  too damn scared and depressed to NOT sleep, but I guess seeing me studying made her realize everything is possible and she overcame her laziness, so she could stick her claws in my ass and prevent me from learning anything at all. (Not that I’m complaining)

I bet you’re wondering where this post is going…well I noticed something that’s been bugging me years and years, and years of my intellectual existence, I loooove sleeping. But the weird thing is, that no one else loves it. It’s like everybody are just waiting the clock to hit 23 so they can start doing stuff. “Oh dear, oh my, it’s 23, oh the possibilities of this dark, cold night are limitless!”. Well, not for me it ain’t. It’s right after 24 when my brain completely stops functioning and I fall asleep on the bench,  in the park where everybody else are screaming and spilling vodka and orange juice over my drooling head. Why is that so dramatic you ask? Well I usually get a lot of this :”Dude you like sleeping?You’re not living the fullest man, you’re not enjoying life at all man, seize the moment maaan”, and that “Kat you’re such a looser, no one goes to sleep at 23 o’clock, I prefer fucking at that time of hour”, and this “come on let’s go home I’m tired it’s 2 o’clock for fucks sake!”… “no no, let me do this, I just have one more drunken problem to discuss with this random stranger, please, WHY WON’T YOU LET ME LIVE?” And it really angers me that people expect everybody to hate sleeping, and to go to bed at 5, cause they have to live their crappy life. It’s not like they’re doing anything that can help their intellectual and spiritual growth, or find an answer to the universal problem – “why doesn’t she love me, I’m such a nice guy!” So, yeah, my question is: does anyone out there, anybody at all, actually likes sleeping?
For those who skipped right to the photos, depriving themselves from this absolutely necessary information, here is my favorite outfit for this summer. It’s super comfy and it doesn’t make me look like a grandma, even better I look hot XD 

Gray, sleeveless Hoodie- Second hand,  Pencil, red dress, used as a skirt, Red, leather belt used as bracelet- Mango

A big thank you to all of you good people out there, who read my blog. I love you, all, gonna buy you free pizza!
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28 thoughts on “Need my beauty sleep”

  1. Your outfits and photographs are always so beautiful. I love the vintage feel of the shoes and second hand bag of the first look especially.

    Hey don't worry about the sleep thing. Sleeping lets you wake up early and enjoy the entire day, rather than going out all night and sleeping the day away!

  2. O, hai there! Най-сетне някой на моето мнение за спането. Ходене по заведения, разцъкване на игри, учене… не и посреднощ! (за третото, ако имам контролно/изпит мога да се прежаля да стоя будна до 2). Освен това обичам да ставам (сравнително) рано, например към 8. Иначе имам чувството, че съм проспала целия си ден.

    Черната пола ми харесва – загатваща и проветрива (сигурно е удобна в жегите) 🙂 Гуменките ти откъде са? Търся си точно такива, червени и ниски..

  3. the first summer look is my favourite though I also love the colour combo of the second one.
    when it comes to sleeping I usually try to go to bed between 23 and 00 o'clock because otherwise my workdays would be impossible. and obviously I enjoy my sleeping time which lasts till 7 o'clock in the morning (during weekends as well because I don't like wasting my time till the lunchtime :P)

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  4. Your pictures with your cat-like-dog-like-ragdoll are so cute!
    Love your outfit with your black skirt.
    Good look with learning!

    xx Nonna Tiwow

  5. I know just how you feel about sleep! My whole life, even when all of my friends were pushing and pushing me to go out late, my brain and body have always shut themselves off at 23 o'clock, no matter where I am or what I'm doing! I love to sleep more than almost anything – my favourite weekend pastime is taking afternoon naps 🙂 So rest assured, there is at least one other person in the worldwh feels like you do!

  6. I'm waiting for my pizza from you! =D
    You're experiencing hot weather? Me too and falling sick yesterday already. Gosh..
    Oh, I'm sure you are not the only one loving the sleep. I love it tonnes! Like even if I can't sleep, I love to just lay in bed for hours! =D

  7. Don't worry, you are not alone because I love sleeping too!!! People always joke how Asian only love to sleep and eat. Well, I am one of them. On the bright side, I think this is why you have such beautiful skin 🙂 I am so jelly!

    Love both of your outfit, you really have a unique sense of style and love your colour pairing <3

  8. Um, I love sleeping! Heh, I'd sleep all the time if I could, I was always the girl who would be sleeping at the party! (Sad but true. If it was past 10pm, I was out like a light!)

    Love your outfit, you have the coolest sense of style and your pictures are so full of humor, I always get a good little smile from reading your posts. ^_^ (I really like the easy mix of the red skirt and your hoodie, so easy and comfy, but so cool.)

  9. Keit you have the F- FACTOR… FASHION FACTOR… I really love ur style…. and you are so stylish!!! In addition ofm this I really enjoy reading your blog because is not something common, you put passion in it and I can see it… thanks for your creativity my dear. really!
    And thanks for supportin gme so much. Baci

  10. These are 2 of the coolest skirts ever! Dang! Just think, when we're all older and everyone else is really tired and has wrinkles and crap 'cause they never slept enough, you'll look amazing. 😉

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