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The girlies who read my posts from time to time, would know that I lead a teensy-weensy chaotic life. Organizing, eating healthy, not staying in pajamas till noon, are deeds for the responsible. Not surprisingly, this reflects on my wardrobe too.
I’ve been an avid collector of every possible garment that has the spectrum of the rainbow, hysterical prints, shiny thingies that make your eyes hurt and of course, the men repellent essentials, like huge pants and grandma-made sweaters with Christmas bells and 3D snowman.
This has left my wardrobe missing the most important part of a fashion blogger’s life- the basics. Basics are necessary, not only for the office or business occasions. They are the main platform from wich you can start arranging the building blocks of your outfit.

This year, I was lucky to be contacted by a freshly emerging Italian brand which sells exactly that. Called “(n-1)” (pronounced “Enne Meno Uno”) the brand has a unique way of crafting and styling their products, as you can see for yourself at their website.  Every garment is hand crafted in Italy, it’s eco friendly and of top notch quality.  
I decided to style 3 outfits with their products and you can see that they tailor their clothes with much love and care. 

My absolute favorite are their crepe wool tunics with subtle chic flavor and in so many color varieties you can style them in numerous ways. The flowy pleated skirt makes a great companion for any possible combination out there (grunge, girly, office), so I decided to merge the two.  The tunics are sold in recycled cardboard boxes  (an initiative the people from “(n-1)” call “sustainable is beautiful”) which makes them an ideal present.

For the second outfit, I styled Nmenouno’s pants with the tunic, so you can have a glimpse at how versitile the tunics are.

And last, I wanted to create a laid back look with the pants and a chunky knit turtleneck. Even though the pants are with an elegant design, they are as comfortable as sweatpants. Considering my addiction towards comfort,  I can see myself wearing them every day.

All and all, seeing a brand that pays so much attention to details and quality is refreshing and I definitely recommend having a glimpse at their website, and especially their amazing workshop!

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22 thoughts on “Nmenouno Couture”

  1. Ah man, these are all such sweet pieces! *___* I just love those pants on you and that cool magenta top… Keit, you're lookin' so neat as ever! While still looking like Keit, of course. 😀

  2. I think the first look is something very different from your usual looks and I sure like versatility so I'm happy to see something that classy and elegant. well and the best part is you totally rock it, Keit! I even think it has to be one of my favourite looks from you so yeah, I really really love it! but I also love those packages and like you said, what a great gift for someone.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. Lmfao. "Hysterical prints" and "man repellent essentials." <3 You look fantastic in all of it, my dear. All of it. I love the pleats, patterns and folds in the first outfit. The shoes are fantastic! Though, I'm inspired by both of the ways in which you styled the blouse. The minimalist style with the yellow sweater and pants is perfection. I try soooo hard to do that sort of thing and I always f*ck it up by adding more layers. I think I have a serious problem. Hehe. Also, I think I know what my next style challenges should be. 😛

    Also, how cute is Nmenouno's packaging? 😀 I like that they try to use as little as possible in order to conserve.

    – Anna


  4. The so-called "basics" are in fact essential to every well-constructed wardrobe, but it's not like they have to be like things out of those "20 pieces you HAVE to own" articles. For you, those might be plain-coloured simple pieces, but my "basics" are nothing like that, they're unusual and crazy – patterned sweaters, leather skirts, bright-coloured pants… and things like that. Anyway, I love your sets with those black pants, they're great as a background for other pieces!

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