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This is either a very good idea that you guys will love, or a very bad idea that you will all ignore, but I’ll keep posting it, because I don’t have a life & I love sharing personal and embarrassing information with the internet!

I feel like this blog needs the “Stalker Seal of Approval” so at first I wanted to make a “My day in photos” post, but then I realized it would include two photos of: me on the couch and me eating ramen, so my backup plan was to share with the lovely reader – burritos my week! I know you’re supposed to share 7 photos from 7 days, but I got excited and just kept photographing everything. Sorry, not sorry! I started photographing on Wednesday, so it’s basically a half week in photos.

1. Morning routine: checking out my favorite blogs and drinking coffee from a broken cup. If you have a blog, there’s a 100% chance an uncombed Keit with creased granny pajamas is looking at you right this very moment… Just let that mental image sink in. 

2. A wild package has arrived! I’m prepping for Winter and ordered a Vero Moda jacket from an online second hand store.

3. Presenting the jacket. My biggest problem during Winter is that I wear ugly coats. I look like a pumpkin in most parkas or a sack of potatoes in most coats. I have a tiny head with thin hair and I’ve come to the realization that winter clothes suit people with bouncy hair…So I am desperately trying to find a jacket that I look cool in, I think this Vero Moda one is TEH ONE!  It’s a bit huge, but who the hell cares, when you have to endure a -345985489 degrees cold! 

4. Pile of laundry, that has been lying judgmentally on the sofa for days…..

5. Finally arranged it!

6. Did some grocery shopping…I hate grocery shopping…There are too many people there!

5. Went for a beer with the boyfriend’s colleagues and boss.

6.  Going to bed. Got a new electric brush & I’m making a happy crazy face! Never has a toothbrush been the reason for my happiness…until now! Get a load of those creased granny pajamas, I know you can’t resist!

7.  Got a shot of the big cat Muffin, hindering my attempts to read from the tablet. She wants everyone to pay attention to her fuzzy ass and nothing else.  

8.  All that ramen was making me feel guilty I haven’t cooked anything in days, so I made chicken with potatooooes.

9. Story behind this image is like a sitcom scenario. I was riding my bike and I passed a tree, when an apple fell from the tree right into my front basket. I take this as a sign from the Universe trying to make me eat healthy. Nice try Universe, not gonna work though!

10. As you know, I’m addicted to bright shiny objects, so a friend bought me this glowing ball thingy. It changes colors in the most hypnotizing way *_*

11. Found an Ikea catalog in front our door. Can’t afford anything from it, but I like to look at all the pretty pictures!

12. And finally, ending this post with a shot of a sour cherry liquor mom sent me last night.

I would very much appreciate any feedback on this, it’s a new thingy and I won’t continue doing it unless you guys enjoy it. Or maybe I will… O_O Either way, feel free to share your opinion!

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23 thoughts on “My Week In Photos”

  1. Wiiiiiiiiii I love love love love this new thing <3 Please keep doing it! I just like seeing pictures from your week because I'm a curious fat weeaboo with no life of her own 🙂

  2. haha, number 9 was definitely my favourite! though when I started reading it I thought the apple fell on your head, sorry 😀 anyway, it was a great post and I love seeing all those random moments so definitely keep doing it and for example share more bits and pieces from your wardrobe. or your cats' crib. or actually anything from your place because it looks cool 😉 seeing the streets/sights of Bulgaria/your home town would be awesome too. oops, sounds like I'm saying you must go and see some sights, haha. I am actually but of course you don't have to do anything 😀

    Part of me

  3. I love this post, you should do it once a week! You give the best commentary. I think your new coat is amazing and looks so warm and cozy. I also hate grocery shopping, you are right, WAY too many people! I consider your pj's fancy. They totally beat my giant ripped t shirts and huge sweatpants. 🙂

  4. I like that I knew what you meant by "glowing ball thingy" before the image had even loaded. Glowing holdable objects tend to be pretty darn rad, no?! Also MUFFIN. SO DANG FLUFFY. I do love me a good fluffy car wink wink. Cat. I mean cat. I can't backspace on my phone gosh DANGIT. Fluffy cars would be nice too though…

    Oh I feel you on crowded grocery places. Like people don't utilize grocery carts as they should, driving on the wrong side of the isle and such. Sigh. And then some people are just so slow…

    Thank you for your awesome comments Keit!! You are da BESTEST!!

  5. Oh this is a FUN new thingie so please do more. You are so adorable and hilarious and I just want more of it. AND you look so damn sexy brushing your teeth I am envious. THAT coat is perfection. YES YES YES it is gorgeous on you. Great find! You even look sexy in that coat and so I think the apple thing was a message from the universe telling you to go out and tempt men. Nothing to do with eating healthy and everything to do with Eve.

    Cats, they all think their big furry ass is the best. Sophie thinks I want hers on my face. Or on my wet paintings.

  6. Please keep doing this! I've been thinking of doing something similar and less cooler, but life gets in the way. You are such a model in that blue coat, and being around too many people in grocery stories is the's like traffic but with shopping carts.

    onacruz blog

  7. I love the idea of doing a week in photos rather than a day in photos! My days aren't exciting enough to fill up a whole day's worth of pictures. They'd be me on the couch in various positions which I guess could be an amusing parody of "my day in photos" posts!

    Jamie |

  8. Stalker approved! Continue with more weekly posts like this 😀
    Haha, I always like seeing the person behind the blog in personal tidbits, so these style of posts are nice.
    Plus, when they're high quality photos like all of yours are, even better.
    Oooo, I think you did find the one with that jacket! That shade of blue is stunning on you.
    Hahaha, and what you said about art is so true xD A lot of modern art, I can't help thinking "If I had the right name, I could've easily done the same thing. $30000 for this???"

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  9. I like these kind of posts, so you have my stalker seal of approval! My sister has the recent IKEA catalogue and each time I go to visit her I incessantly drool over each page. Even though I won't be buying anything anytime soon I get a serious rush of happiness browsing it!

    Lauren / And Together We

  10. Oh no! Keit is staring at me in …gasp…CREASED pyjamas! Drinking from a …gasp…CRACKED cup! Oh the horror. No I can't take any more! Ugh…sloppy toothpaste? AND the creased pyjamas! Heaven help me! What?! Don't send her an apple! She'll take it as a seal of approval!
    ;-D love ya! xo JJ

  11. I like seeing these posts! You have a great eye for photography. If I could make my mundane life look this good in photos, I'd keep a photo journal and publish it. Hehe. Your cats are adorbs. Love the new coat. Perfect hue! Also, I'm vegetarian, but the chicken and potatoes made my mouth water so…. :F~ ~

    – Anna

  12. Keit, you must visit me in Poland and we must brush our teeth and drink tea 😀 ! It'd be awesome to do silly things with you and make fun with every thing <3 CATS . well. they always find the weirdest place to lie on.

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