My Week In Photos Part 2


I’m kind of excited you guys like this category of the blog, because I love capturing little insignificant moments from my life. I’m planning on sharing just the slightly more interesting weeks, not the ones where I’m in a consistent veggie state. I doubt anyone would like to see 7 photos of Keit sprawled like a starfish learning kanji and/or abusing the cats. Any who, here is another slightly more interesting week in photos!

1. Bottle caps from the boyfriend’s beers. I’m planning on building a pyramid and storing my food there, cause we all know how the pyramids are, preserving food and having auras and stuff!

2. Cooked dinner, made it all romantic with candles and wine, and then ate alone because I was hungry and couldn’t wait for the boyfriend to finish a game he was playing. 

3. A shot of the weather outside. Depressing as fuck.

4. First time in years since these two hugged each other. The big one Muffin hates the little one Firefox, don’t know why, but she hates her in the guts! I kind of understand Muffin, because Firefox never bathes herself and stinks like rotten eggs and who would want to cuddle with a smelly egg?

5. Took the boyfriend from work with the bike. Here’s a shot from our neighborhood. 

6. A necklace I bought from a little stall positioned in our local park. I wanted to buy everything from there, lots of shiny things! *_*

7.  Final shot! We were supposed to go on a mussel farm with some friends, but it turned out the farm was closed. We tried going to two other restaurants, but they were all closed as well…this is the face of disappointment.
That’s it for today! Let me know how was your week you Brussels sprouts you! 
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22 thoughts on “My Week In Photos Part 2”

  1. oh I loved this..and your partment looks so warm and cosy. somewhere I would love to curl up in..I have been thinking of doing a similar segment for my blog forever..but I am just trying to document more often on instagram to begin with.

  2. Awwwww are we your little Brussels sprouts now? I love Brussels sprouts, so I love being called that. 😀 😀 CUTE LITTLE TINY CABBAGES.

    I like that you collect beer caps like that–I do the same thing with old credit/gift cards. Maybe one day you can make a giant collage or something with them on your wall. And you disappointed face totally gets me. 🙂

  3. DUDE seedless grapes are the bomb. I am amazed that you haven't had them but they're genetically modified which is associated with the USA and stuff so it's probably better that yours have seeds lol. They're quite delicacies though. I know I accidentily ate a few of the seeds so hopefully no trees will grow inside me eeeeeeek

  4. awww your bossy kitties. reading about those two was awesome!! share more stories about them! 😀 and seeing your hometown was cool too! reminds me of our capital town Tallinn a bit. oh and your new necklace indeed is pretty!

    Part of me

  5. Aaaaaw, finally another post of my new favorite category here! 😀
    I'm definitely very jealous of your fluffy cats and LOVE the last pic of you. 🙂 More and more, I get the feeling, that we'd be totally insane buddies (if we'd live in the same city)! =^.^=

    XX, Sara.

  6. Wherever you live looks insanely amazing. Omg that sounds like something I would do, waiting to eat is just not my cup of tea. Your cats are SO cute!! Poor Firefox though haha. These pics are cool as all heck.

    onacruz blog

  7. Your apartment looks so cosy and cool so I am coming right over to have a romantic dinner with you. I want to borrow that pink leather jacket too…oh wait….you are a bazillion times smaller than I am. You have a very cute pouty face. That is most fortunate and I envy you that too. This is so fun and I love the little peek into your world.

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