My Week In Photos (Christmas Edition)


Hello *insternamehere*, I want to play a game! (that was a Saw reference in case you didn’t notice!) Every time I mention the word Christmas you have to drink a glass of vodka and by the end of this post you’ll be under the table, I promise you that!
The time has come, to flood the internet with Christmas photos! My whole week was spent in a perpetual alcoholic delirium and I thought this would be the perfect time to capture some life moments, in case I turn out with blank memory spots.

1. Lights from our Christmas tree. This makes for a great bokeh patterns in Photoshop as well. I’m so pro! O_O

2. Since we have a fake tree I bought a few pine branches, because I love the smell. Shoved them violently in this tight glass bottle and voila, cheerfulness ensues!

3. Wanted to buy the Christmas donuts from Dunkin Donuts, but their snowman looked like someone intentionally made it as creepy as possible just to fuck with people. So I got these ones instead.

4. Friend of mine bought me a Christmas mug, cause I’ve been practically molesting him everyday to buy me a Christmas present, until he finally yielded! Life has taught me one thing – begging for presents is not degrading, it’s just practical!

5. Bundled up like a potato in the morning to go and get my eyes checked. Turns out I need glasses and the doctor was hot! O_O He kept placing all these weird thingies on my head and I kept staring at him with my blurred vision thinking “I don’t need perfect eyesight to see those perfect body proportions…swoon!”

6. Went to a Christmas party and this is the ONLY picture where Keit doesn’t look like an old drunk slipper. Yay?

Hope you guys don’t find these posts too boring, because I’ll keep on posting *evil laugh*. What are your plans for Christmas? Family time? Alone time? Friends time? Bottle time? Hamster time? 

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23 thoughts on “My Week In Photos (Christmas Edition)”

  1. I love this cheerful post..wish I had some alcohol handy so that I actually could do the shots every time you wrote far plan is to spend the day out..maybe a party at night

  2. I love that last shot. So happy. Putting a few pine branches in a vase is very trendy I see…I laughed at the one bauble! Your lights are so pretty! We have a nontrad tree this year. Will try and post pics. Yay for Christmas mugs…and spoon? We will be at home this year, having a small family day, just the four of us. The kids are beside themselves, and it's only Christmas Eve! We don't open pressies until Thursday…probably at the crack of dawn if the kids have any say!! Thanks for being a lovely presence in my life this year. i look forward to more zaniness next year! Have a lovely Chrissie, and can't wait to see your new glasses πŸ™‚ xo JJ

  3. Man, I've never had a hot doctor. Ever. Bullshit. Heh. I would probably say something stupid or do something really weird, if I did, so it's probably for the best. The pine branch idea is a good one! We have a fake tree, also, but I would love for my living room to smell like pine. The only problem is that we have a sneaky, ungrateful cat with an usual taste for..well..everything. If it's small enough, she will try to eat it. Haha. So, I believe she is the reason why we can't have nice things. >= Your plaid coat is magnificent and the teal beanie is perfect! Party on! πŸ˜€

    – Anna

  4. Merry Christmas Keit! It's really fun seeing these photos, I don't think they're boring a all. (although, I'm going to complain because there is no picture of said hot eye doctor.) Your comment about the creepy snowman made me laugh, my brother and his gf made cookies for everyone and he gave our other brother some really perverted ones – they kept everyone petty entertained! I hope you had an awesome Christmas!

  5. I hope you had great Christmas filled with heaps of awesome presents! and even though Christmas is over I still loved seeing those photos above. I love that kind of posts from you. oh and that plaid jacket of yours – I love that as well! perfect for Christmas πŸ˜‰

    Part of me

  6. Hello Gorgeous! You went to a Christmas party with Leo DiCaprio? Cool! This was a fun post and I got to drink loads of vodka. I have some caramel vodka that is to die for and I am certain it will help my hair grow faster. You look like a super model as always and I can't wait to see what glasses frames you get and if they turn you into a hipster. I don't like my glasses but I'm kinda stuck with them for awhile. You are hilarious, I love your witty writing and the photos from your life. More please!! Happy New year! Love and hugs!

  7. LOL "begging for presents is not degrading, it's practical!" I mean it kind of is. If you know someone is going to get you something, you might as well make it easy on yourself and easy on them and get something you know will end up being practical. Love that Santa mug. And those bokeh patterns! I could just slurp them up, Keit. πŸ˜€

  8. The tree limb in the bottle was a fricken really, really good idea and I'm probably going to copy that next year, just to give you a head's up. And yay for drunk parties and hot doctors! I've never gotten a hot doctor. Is that weird? I've had the same doctor since I was a baby, only switching to a woman doctor when I turned 21.


  9. This eyes check-up is very well told! To bad our eyes don't only have to see bodies, it seemed fine otherwise!
    You looked like an awesome potatoe, don't worry, and the hat has a wonderful color!
    I also picked up so pine branches (chrsitmas market for the win), nature can embelish everything ^^
    I spend my Christmas with a little part of my family this year (not the traditionnal 3 generations reunion: too many)… and receive the awesome (pink) bag (from choices) I asked you about πŸ˜€ I gave some ideas to my parents, and my mother couldn't let it go either (once you see it, it haunts your nights) even if they chose some others ideas, muahah! Still no news about international taxes; crossed fingers. I can't wait to look as fabulous as you while wearing it!
    Have a great day and sparkling nights for this end of 2014 Katerina!

  10. Those pine branches photographed beautifully. It seems like something that would be popular on Pinterest. Also, I wish I looked that stylish when I'm bundled up. And how come everyone else seems to go to all the attractive doctors, while mine are about 80 years old?

    Another Beautiful Thing

  11. LOL!! Lucky you to be able to have a good looking optometrist! I'm sure you that helps with the vision =D
    I'm wishing you an interesting and happy 2015! Happy new year babe =)

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