My Pirate Obsession Continues – A White loose top & Pearl jewelry outfit

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I want to take this blog blank space opportunity and write to you all a thousand thanks for your useful comments on the last post. Basically the whole leave a blog link after a comment is 50:50, some people hate it and some people love it. Your opinions really helped me a lot, thank you guys! ^_^ Maybe it’s the beer I just had for lunch, but you make me so happy! 
Okay, that’s enough fluffy feelings for today, I don’t wanna turn all gay and soft on you, this blog is all about tough love! Ah what the heck, here’s a Japanese thank you kitty! (=^.^=) 
I should probably stop now…aaaaaaaaaaaaand, I’m done… Let’s talk clothes!

Do you guys remember my obsession with pirates? No? You mean to tell me you don’t fall asleep with the thought of me? Really? You don’t fall asleep with the thought of this hot piece of meat/for vegetarians – this hot piece of mouthwatering pepper? Now that’s just wrong….For those of you who do remember, I may have gone slightly overboard with it. I’m seeing pirate inspired outfits everywhere and this white loose top from Choies is no exception.

I’m currently listening to this song and I was singing it as we took these photos, while the wind was blowing and made me feel epic. As I said, I’ve gone overboard……. (Bahahah, get it? overboard? Because of the ship…….). This is the first time I don’t mind the wind blowing, it added an extra effect, and since we’ll probably miss the sea vacation this summer I take whatever I can get.

Seriously though, am I the only one that looks like a smeared fly-thing when the wind is blowing? I can not comprehend how models doing wind photo shoots look so sensual and beautiful with hair flying in a provocative manner and eyes squinting with a passionate spark.
And then we have me, hair flying and making my skull look twice as big as it normally is, clothes getting stuck on all the wrong places and eyes watering from the wind.
Do you guys hate wind photos? Do you look ridiculous in them too? Say yes and save me another night of drinking the despair bottle of tequila. 

Another piratey thing I got my hands on from Choies is this amazing pearl jewelry: a pearl set of bracelet and ring, necklace and a chunky pearl ring with a silver star. I am loving how it looks with the loose top, the gold adds that extra punch and the orange scarf worn as a bracelet tied everything into a neat package.

I recently bought a pair of fancy socks from our local market and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to add them into my outfit. Believe it or not, the different color combo was the boyfriend’s idea, thank you boyfriend for giving me food and fashion advice, you are God!
Nothing much left to say about this outfit, so I am off to take a much needed shower and finally get my Cat School Witcher Gear for my witcher Geralt. See you soon blogsie humans!

White Loose Blouse – c/o Choies, Golden Pearl and Coin Necklace – c/o Choies, Pearl Ring with star- c/o Choies, Pearl bracelet and ring set – c/o Choies, Floral Printed Denim Shorts – 6ks
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12 thoughts on “My Pirate Obsession Continues – A White loose top & Pearl jewelry outfit”

  1. I think those photos look great, not strange or awkward at all. they're carefree and happy. and when it's windy I try to stand the way that wind blows from the side or from the front but definitely not from the back. just yesterday I had that situation and photos where the wind blew from the back looked… well, not great because I was like a Michelin man with my loose top. anyway, as I said you look lovely and I like all the new fancy jewellery you got. it reminds me I should assort my own and get rid of the pieces that aren't my favourites anymore. oh and how can I not remember your Pirate obsession? 😉

    Maiken – Part of me

  2. I love loose piratey tops. Most tops fall off my shoulders anyhow. I love this very Keit mix of pearls and mismatched socks. You need a parrot. 😉 I've nominated you for a Liebster award just because you are you! xoxo

  3. To be quite honest, I don't like that song….it's funny but at the same time the beat is somehow very annoying…but I do like Jack Sparrow so I can't say I hate it. There was one outfit this year that made me feel like Jack Sparrow and you just gave me inspiration to style it again, this time without the winter coat:)

    Anyhow, I do like the different coloured socks…your boyfriend has interesting ideas! usually men are not that fashion forward, but now that I think of it my husband is quite opinionated. This evening he imitated girls that can't walk in heels, he always does that when he sees them in town….yes, I don't get while some people wear heels when they obviously don't enjoy it, but I'm drifting off topic.

    This outfit is totally adorable and I like the pirate vibe…love how you tied that scarf…and the print on those shorts- how cute is that!!! the oversize blouse is so perfect!!! you look lovely and the photos are very relaxed and natural…

    wind and photos? sometimes it works, but most of the times I look strange too! I don't think models actually pose with wind blowing directly in their faces…I think they shoot the hair first and then they focus on the face…and just photoshop it together? Once I saw that there is actually this thing as a hair model, there was an interview with this girl whose hair gets photoshoped onto hairs of almost every celebrity.

    So, there you go…I saved you from tequila night? or you know what? give yourself that tequila night anyway…life is short- just put some good music on and sleep late the following day and you'll be alright;)

  4. What would ye do with a drunken sailor… EARLY IN THE MORNING. Hahaha, I could totally sing you some sea shanties. I only know them from playing Assassin's Creed Black Flag and being on the open digital waters. Ah, I miss playing that.

    But yeah. You're one hot pirate lady and I wouldn't want you sinking my ship anytime soon. Ohohoho. Or maybe I would? 😉

  5. I love love love this fun and charming look on you, You look darling, love the happy feel about it. And now I have that song stuck in my head again, hahahaha, it's a cool song isn't it! I love it. Lovely blog here btw! Would you like to follow each other on GFC? Please let me know on my blog so I can follow back. Thank you.

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