My Experience with Rosewholesale- Not Good!

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I usually try to avoid writing negative reviews, partially because I like to think that everyone deserves a second chance and, partially because I try to avoid unnecessary over-dramatization, of insignificant life experiences. In my book, as long as you’re not dying from a Guinea Worm infection, is all good! But once in a lifetime, comes a brand that boils my blood just a little bit over my tipping point and I can’t stay silent about it. 

This brand is called Rosewholesale. You are probably familiar with their site. They are China based and sell different kinds of merchandise, like: clothes, shoes, jewelry and bags. Here’s the story in a bite sized length. 
I was contacted by Rosewholesale, for a collaboration. You know the drill, you place their banner on your blog,  they sponsor you products, you review them and everyone’s happy. Sounds easy right? Well, not really. 
The girl who I was communicating with, told me to pick the items I’d like and that they will ship them. I chose my items and sent the corresponding links. She replied, that they are processing the order and that I need to be patient. Turns out, she wasn’t kidding about being patient at all.
I’ve received items form China before, and I knew they needed a lot of time to arrive, so I waited for over a month. After that month though, I started to wonder, whether it was lost, in the friendly black postage hole, where many unfortunate packages are devoured and never seen again. 
With that in mind, I contacted the employee and asked her, what’s the deal with the freaking package (but in a more polite way). And here comes the best part, turns out they didn’t send the package at all. She replied, that one of the items I ordered was out of stock (obviously, after one month I’d be surprised if it was still in stock) and to place my order again. Gee, thanks! What possible nature cataclysms have prevented their customer service employee to contact me sooner? I will never know.

I’m not mad about not getting the items, I’m not mad about their bad, incomprehensible English, I’m mad because I kept my side of the agreement. I was responsible enough to put their banner on my blog and let it stay there for weeks. You know that most people get money for banner advertisement right? Yeah, sure, my blog doesn’t have thousands of followers, but I value it. I’ve put work and effort and countless hours in it.

And I’m kind of tired of brands exploiting other people’s web space and thinking they own your ass just because they gave you a t-shirt. That’s not how it works. That’s not how you communicate with other human beings.

This post is getting long, so I’ll stop at that. Anyone having an itch to order from Rosewholesale, bear in mind, their customer service ain’t that good.

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15 thoughts on “My Experience with Rosewholesale- Not Good!”

  1. I hadn't even heard about that store but when I will then I'm definitely going to avoid it, haha. it's certainly important to write about stuff like that. if a store really sucks then others should know too. or at least I think it's a good thing when bloggers warn other bloggers about stuff like that. because who are we kidding? customer service is something a company should really work on!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. Second to last paragraph about them owning your ass because they sent you something: omg, perf. Seriously, I hate it when you hook up with a company and they e-mail you constantly after sending you a $10 item saying, "can u advertise this coupon code? and this one? and a giveaway? and this? and that?" like, no. I've started putting a 3 month limit on my side ads and after the main part of the deal is done, it's done. : I really like this post, Keit. There are many good companies out there but many that also think they're hotter shit than they are.

  3. Thank you for making me grin like some hellish troll – because that's how these cooperation-things often look like in reality. ^^
    I once was asked if I'd like to choose something from a (kinda well-known) shop and when I received it (5 or 6 weeks later, well that wasn't the problem), it was the wrong size (maybe my old doll would have fit in, after dieting for a month) and just totally broken. Of course I wrote a (polite though) mail and till today, I never got any answer. 😀 Nice to know where not to shop again.

    Have a gorgeous weekend, girl! <3

  4. It's a shame about the whole experience, sorry to hear that. Still, you placed a link to their site, so as far as they are concerned "there's no bad publicity as long as there's something said… " and they are getting a few clicks now 😉

  5. Thanks for the warning! I've been annoyed multiple times by these Asian wholesale companies. You're completely right about their attitude that they own you or something. I'm probably taking down their banners this weekend because I'm sick of it and their attitudes.

  6. I understand how you feel… These things can be so annoying… You keep your part of the agreement and they disappoin you!

    Hope you hav better luck next time!


  7. First of all amazing boots. I wish I could do sparkle anything. I am always intrigued how other ppl can do it and pull it off so well. You look great Keit. xx

  8. I agree 100 fucking percent. Essentially, what happened (at least the way I see it) is that you gave away 30 days of free advertising. That's fucked up, man. I'm new to the whole sponsorship thing, so I was really taken aback by the instances where I received a lack of communication and, at times, crazy demands. Sometimes, I'm so relieved when a sponsorship ends, because it's so much work for very little payoff. The advertiser definitely gets the better end of the deal. I'm really sorry that this happened to you! I would say, in the future, let the advertiser know that if you don't receive any communication (or shipment notification) about a purchase within 2 weeks, that their banner will be temporarily removed until such notice is received. That's what I do. I let them know that the placement of their banner is dependent on their ability to follow through with their obligations as a sponsor.

    – Anna

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