My crappy blogging space and a neon beanie

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Ferdie’s beauty finds (a very cool
blogger I love reading) had this awesome idea of writing posts where
different people took photos of their blogging spaces and shared it on her blog. It’s very
neat and interesting, kind of intimate even, to see where “the magic
happens”. And all those gals had the coolest spots for blogging: awesome vintage desks with plants, jewelry, scented candles, warm clean
beds with cute pillows, professional looking desks with sticky notes and
office supplies.
And this made me have a glance at my own pathetic blogging space, which is currently just a swirl of garbage. 

kind of feel like a slob now. You can see all sorts  of crap lying
around. There’s a screwdriver, nail polish, perfume,
cigarettes, markers, saltshaker (wtf), light bulbs,  napkins because I
have a runny nose, coffee stains, not one cup, but 4 cups of suspiciously looking beverages. It’s safe to say 60% of my time is centered around this crappy desk, and you’d think that I would clean the dust at least. 
What kind of blogging spaces do you guys have? Are they messy or princessy? 


Fashiony part: I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again- THERE IS NO TRANSITION PEOPLE!
Autumn is officially a myth, it doesn’t exist, it’s like the unicorn- everybody are talking about it, but have never seen it.  From 30Β°C we now have 7Β°C.  
I was planning on growing out my hair for Winter, when it could actually be useful and warm up my head. But since Winter is already here I might as well make use of my beanie collection. 

The Witcher Sweatshirt- Handmade, Neon Beanie (nowistyle), High Waist Jeans- Asos, Plaid Shirt- Cichic

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19 thoughts on “My crappy blogging space and a neon beanie”

  1. my blogging space… not existing right now because my fiance must complete my "blogging" table before I can actually call it like that. the thing is I just sit on the couch and my laptop is on my… lap? πŸ˜€ it pretty much is and that's how I usually blog.
    your four cups do look a little messy, haha but it was such an entertaining post to read, honestly, it totally made me smile because I love honesty and honest bloggers like you πŸ˜€

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. Hahaa, I would love to have your blogging space :D! I don't have a desk at all (or we have but there's a huge TV on it plus iguana stuff) so I blog by laptop on bed or sofa ;D! Love the beanie on you :3 !

  3. My desk looks way more like yours than like anything you'd see on Pinterest – at this moment, typing, I am using a potholder as a coaster for my tea, I have two phones next to me, only one of which works, and the flowers I put behind my computer to try to make things prettier a few weeks ago are, well, dead. Such is life. The important thing is we have style when we leave the house πŸ™‚ I love the way your layered your plaid shirt and sweater.

  4. HA! I feel like this all. the. time. People's lives do not really look like the "this where I blog in all these perfectly poofed pillows" or "at this super modern desk where everything is just so". That is not real life. I refuse to believe that. If it were true, I am a slob and I pride myself on organization.

    xo Ashley

  5. So, that's where the magic happens. :DDD <3 I love it. It looks real and I appreciate that. My work station at home is pretty similar. For some reason, it annoys me when someone posts a pic of their computer desk and it's like a super power user space where everything is immaculate right down to the post it notes or messages on a board. Something just seems off and..well..not human about it. Hehe.

    Anyway, beautiful layering in this outfit! I'm enjoying the subtle mix in plaids and the not so subtle pop of neon. πŸ˜€ <3

    – Anna

  6. hehehe. Blogging space. What is that? Oh yeah, that's the computer desk I share with my hubby and it's consequently covered in our recording equipment, headphones, and an ugly mousepad. My camera is shoved wherever there is space;. Maybe someday when we're not poor newlyweds we'll have a house and I'll have a space. But not now. XD

    I agree. There is no transition. Where I live it's either hot or cold, and since my cold threshold is usually anything below 80, I'm either in short dresses or pants with a coat. There is no medium for me.

    pssst: cute beanie.


  7. *couph* My blogging spot is a corner table in McDonalds so I think you might have me beat. What is up with all of those perfect little spots though? (there must be some serious cleaning that goes on before taking pictures.) Yes about fall, we almost never get that two months of fall that everyone else waxes on and on about, it's maybe of week of leaves and then dead trees and then yay, snow. AND COLD. Hurrah for cold climates, I guess.

  8. such a cool post!! And I love your honesty, this is why your blog is one of my favorites, because you keep it real.
    My blogging space is my kitchen table, because that's the only place I can concentrate at. Every time I blog while sitting on my bed, I just want to lay down and do nothing. So I have to sit in the kitchen in order to get the work done.

  9. I wouldn't say my blogging space is the neatest nor princessy. I must say it's comfortable enough for me not to get annoyed with the surrounding and just blog! LOL! In the beginning of the week, it's usually clean and tidy. By the end of the week, it gets pretty messy though =D
    I like your neon beanie! Like totally!!

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