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Whenever I suffer from physical pain, I am one step away from going on a murderous spree. I don’t know if this is a general phenomena, most people prefer to complain and share their feelings, but me? I like to imagine how the world is burning and everyone I ever knew, loved or hated is burning with it. How’s that for an entering huuuh? 

Really though, I know most people transform into assholes, but my hate is not even an active hate, the kind of hate where you aim towards someone or something, it’s more of a state of mind. A peaceful state of mind where I wish everyone would just die in a bright, shiny, beautiful flame-like apocalypse. Whenever I’m in pain I usually lie like a lifeless chunk of meat somewhere inappropriate like the front door of the corridor or bathroom, and wholeheartedly and calmly I think of how amazing it would be if the world evaporates right this second. 

Last week was one of those moments, where I was curled up in a painful ball, trying to get my mind off the world exploding. I was desperate for a solution, so I turned on the telly on Nat Geo Wild with the hope that cute fluffy animals would cheer me up. Boooy, was I mistaken. 
The show was about an animal clinic, where they brought cute, fluffy, baby animals who either kept dying, or the animal experts threw them into the wild so they can “learn” to survive on their own. Not only did this didn’t cheer me up, it made me even more angry. Why do they have to throw a fluffy seal into the ocean, when clearly he doesn’t want to be there? Why didn’t they just kept the seal as a pet? Why didn’t I just watch Spongebob Squarepants instead of a stupid show about cute fluffy animals dying? So many questions!

Anyway, my point was, I forgot what it was, I think it was about stupid shows on the telly, but I’m not very sure….So does anyone else go into full kill mode when they’re in pain? Do tell!
Fashiony Part: 
I am quite proud of the way I found this dress! It’s from a Bulgarian designer brand called Megz, which I absolutely adore. The clothes are sewn with much love and attention to detail, the quality is remarkable and the prices are gentle to the wallet. My wallet needs constant caressing and reassurance or he might fall into a deep depression.

Since this dress is from a previous collection they don’t sell it anymore and I found it on one of those Bulgarian online stores where people sell stuff they don’t want anymore. It was from a lady that sold it because it was too big for her and now it’s safely here with me, in my closet that desperately needs a rearranging!

The dress is made from a thick woolen fabric that is just perfect for a colder weather. I was looking for a dress that was warm enough to be worn on its own, without the help of cardigans and 10 layers of suffocating bodices and uncomfortable tights and this one is perfect. The color is my favorite yellow shade, it has a smart, clean shape and of course a stylish fur collar that adds that retro twist.

I wanted to create a more unconventional outfit with it, so I added a little extra in the patterns department and wore my leopard knee high boots. I tied a belt around the waist for a more fitted silhouette and decided to stick with the retro effect by adding a velvet choker necklace. What do you guys think? Likey? How would you wear this dress? 

Mustard Retro Dress – Megz, Leopard Knee High Boots – Zoe, Velvet Choker – Bornpretty
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19 thoughts on “Mustard Retro Dress With A Green Fur Collar”

  1. Totally in love with that dress! I collaborated with Megz 2 or 3 years ago,
    Miglena is awesome designer! The dress I got from her is one of the best in my closet.
    I love the boots too and photos are cool as always 😀

  2. I love that military olive green, I have been seeing a lot this fashion week, but on you its cooler cause it is a vintage piece. AS usual making unique with the addition of print with the high boots. Keep it real, love it xx

  3. оооо, какъв прекрасен и нестандартен тоалет – точно, на каквото и се надявах 🙂 Постовете ти винаги ме разведряват 😀 Рокличката е супер, много classy визия, а горчицата ти стои още по-добре и от кетчупа! 😀 ЯКАТА Е МЕГА ЯКАТА !:))

  4. I don't know how you manage that, but you can pull on the most special and outstanding clothes, and look so super comfy in them. Love that! And I'm kinda jealous about your fab boots! 😀

  5. I actually thought it's a coat.. oops 😛 but it looks perfect with your hair colour and those super fabulous leopard boots! really, such a great idea to combine something so majestic with a very contemporary pair of leopard boots. when it comes to this part about physical pain I have to say I (usually) don't have such thoughts. I can stand quite a lot of pain actually. but I hate the (physical and mental) pain this stupid disease has caused me and if I could I would erase this thing from the whole universe. it sure has created some very dark thoughts, maybe not exactly what you just described but something close.

    Maiken – Part of me

  6. That dress is fabulous! It's so rare to find a long sleeved dress that is actually warm and can stand on it's own–I don't like covering up my pretty dresses with bulky coats!

  7. Ohhh that dress. That color! Man, I wish I had that frock! You nailed it with the boots, too. Totally unexpected. Could I wear that combo? Never in a million years, but I like to think that I know at least a little something about shit that looks good together, and THIS is it. 😀 You look fantastic!

    – Anna

  8. Oh man that dress is a killer! I love that it's wool- that texture made it even better. And how amazing is that green fur collar? This was such an amazing find. And I feel you on the pain part. I have the flu this week and I just get so short and snippy with everyone. Can't help it 🙁

    xo marlen
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