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High five you guys! What for you ask? First time a stranger complimented me on the subway for my fashion sense! No, it wasn’t a strikingly handsome duplicate of Hugh Jackman, but a very friendly middle aged lady who said my shoes were awesome! I’d normally be more reserved, but since I was stuffed with food, my blood had a high percentage of alcohol and the subway was warm and didn’t smell of rotten flesh I striked a conversation with the lady. 10/10 for being social! And indeed, my new mustard booties are awesome. This is the first time I’ve ordered shoes from Choies and I was so impressed by the quality I even made a pretty collage!
As you might already know, I’m easily impressed, just dip a fried potato in glitter and I’d be entertained for a day! But these here booties really, really, really and I mean really impressed the bajigles out of me! They’re sturdy, great leather quality and water resistant. When we took these photos I must have splashed into a thousand puddles with them and my socks were still dry and fluffy!!!

For the styling of today’s outfit I used the crappy winter as inspiration. We hurried to take these photos, before the freshly fallen snow turned into a black mush with yellow spots here and there -results from the bodily functions of dogs. 
I wanted to express a fairy-tale kind of bohemian feeling here, so I paired the boots with my flower crown, pink lips and my new fuzzy sweater which was rather short so I mixed it with my high waist jeans – again thrifted. 

Inspired by this year’s Spring/Summer trends I bought a green eyeliner which I have no idea how to use. Don’t know if you can see here, but I’m wearing it on the bottom of my eyes. Is it called bottom? I’m so bad with makeup! Any who, the liner is Revlon’s Grow Luscious lash liner and it’s amazing, it has a gorgeous shimmer and I’ll be making more close up photos with it soon. 

The fuzzy sweater is a second hand purchase which I was so happy to find, because it’s the only top I own that has pockets. I love pockets, I need pockets, I live for pockets! I think there is a conspiracy against female’s clothing and pockets, some sadist somewhere decided pockets were too practical and awesome and banished them from women’s clothes! I beshrew thou to nev’r geteth laid!

The jeans are originally from a brand called Just Female and I’m glad I thrifted them, because this brand is fantastic! The fabric is elastic enough, so I can eat three burgers without having to pretend I can breathe, while actually dying inside and wishing I could rip my buttons! The color of the jeans is a great murky navy shade, just like my parka, and they make my curves go wild!

Phew, this post turned out a bit long, but I love how the photos turned out so I decided to shove them into your internet browsers as well! Enjoy!

Mustard ankle boots – c/o Choies, Flower Headband – c/o Choies, High waist jeans – Just Female (second hand), Eyelash Sweater – Second Hand.
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28 thoughts on “Mustard Boots from Choies”

  1. I love how you make the flower crown look actually cool, with a kind of ironic humour edge. Darn, now I really want to wear mine again. I keep forgetting about it, not sure it goes with my haircut, but they are so much fun. Thanks for the inspiration!
    Oh and thanks for the nice words about my Japan trip – do not fear, I'll be taking many pictures! It's all practice, practice, practice for me at the moment. You should definitely go though, live your dream! My husband and I saved up for several years, putting money aside each month and asking for money instead of gifts, but we got it in the end and are well excited.

  2. Haha, rad! Nice one. Yeah, it's always nice when someone vocalizes what s/he think of your look AND what s/he has to say is positive. 😛 Soooo much better than just getting stared at and having to guess what is going through the person's head as s/he looks at you with a weird face/crazy eyes. O_o Those shoes are pretty sweet, by the way!

    I love that you're wearing a floral crown in the winter time, too. Love it, love it, love it. Keep breaking the rules! 😀

    – Anna

  3. Looove the fake fireplace shot! Ah snow, so easily turned from fairyland into carpark. Way to be social! 10 out of 10 indeed!
    Loving the new boots and the flower crown…perfect. And I nearly fell over when you said you liked your photos! Is this a first? 😀😉xo Jazzy Jack

  4. That's awesome that they have such nice boots, I've looked at their selection before and thought they had super cute book but wasn't really sure if they were worth it. The boots are super cute on you, I love them with the high waist jeans! (i know, I love stuff with pockets too! I get excited when I find a dress or skirt with them and then…..never use the pockets. Its the thought that counts.).

  5. hey, haven't heard from you for ages! anyway, today's photos were definitely extra cute so no wonder you wanted to share as many as possible! and you have snow, wow, that's something! our snow layers are fortunately melting so yay for that. now, your outfit is definitely a my kind of look. really simple but still there's something about it! for example that flower crown reminds me of spring and goes so well with today's sunny weather. oh and when it comes to makeup I also know pretty much nothing about it. mascara and concealer are my things, everything else is kind of black and unknown.

    Part of me

  6. Those boots are really awesome, love the sole. Yes, I did not the green eyeliner on the bottom of your eyes 😉 they make your eyes pop. The sugar high when your stuffed with food can make one chirp with the birds.

  7. Oh my gosh you look like a Goddess in jeans how is this possible?! I need to go shopping with you. Isn't it the best getting compliments from nice people on subways? It makes days 200% better. And I loveee your flower headband by the way <3

    onacruz blog

  8. Oh don't get me started on the pocket conspiracy!! I was just talking to my friend about this the other day and we were going into a tirade right in the middle of Forever 21…haha, whoever decided to take the time to make a POCKET IMITATION should be sent to the lowest levels of hell…seriously, who does that? "Hmm, let's take the time to make this look like it has pockets, but give it NO FUNCTIONALITY WHATSOEVER!
    Aaaaaand stepping off my soapbox now. Ahem.
    Sorry, you got me all fired up again ^^
    Anyway, no wonder that lady had to comment on your style – I'm surprised she stopped at the boots! Haha, those are awesome too, but everything you're wearing looks amazing. Love the quirky boho touch with the floral crown and matching pink lips! So prettyyyy 🙂

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  9. Your outfit is so cute and fresh, I love it! And I absolutely understand your love for pockets, I'm the same! Every piece of clothing is just so much better if it has pockets 😀 Hugs from Paris!

  10. I never really understood why the fashion industry decided women couldn't handle pockets in their jeans. It's like the only thing I can squeeze in there are some bobby pins and maybe a deflated chapstick but a phone? A wallet? NAW. I'm convinced they are in cahoots with purse makers.

    Yay for kind compliments! And don't worry about the eyeliner — it looks good. 😉


  11. You definitely rock those boots! I must say that this outfit does look really good in the snow. It stands out with the white background. When I was in Paris, I didn't even get to see snow! =D

  12. This is the perfect outfit for a cold snow day, the shoes makes you urban and street but the addition of the flower crown and fuzzy sweater brings a nice balance of femininity. You always know how to balance them very well.

  13. These jeans really do look fantastic on you! I'm loving your fuzzy sweater and your new boots too. That's awesome that they kept your feel nice and dry out there in the snow. I really enjoy how you're wearing a flower crown in the snow too! The juxtaposition is wonderful.

    Jamie |

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