Msdressy lemon dress for a Crappy New Year

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Crappy New Year is arriving ladies, time for intoxicated champagne dinners and cheerful wobbliness on the merry icy streets.

My last Crappy New Year was spent near the table, devouring a
shameful amount of food and barely staying awake until 12. I wanted this
New Year to be special, mostly because of weirdos saying that the
end would come on 21st because, you see, people are evil!
No shit
people are evil! They’ve been evil past centuries, they were evil last
year, they are evil this year, and they will be evil the year to come.

On other, unevil topics, my special Crappy New Year would be welcomed with this tasty lemon I got from Dressestylist.
It’s almost unbelievable how yellow could look so vibrant, but not
cheap. I wanted something with a bare shoulder, soft texture, with a
dash of  Disney princess styling. Dressestylist were kind enough to send me a custom made dress, perfect for skinny, boobless bodies.
So, come at me Crappy New Year, I’m with a shiny new dress and ready!

My hair is a mess, sorry about that, it hates me!

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63 thoughts on “Msdressy lemon dress for a Crappy New Year”

  1. Wow, I don't think I've made it to midnight since I was twelve. 😛 (I'm such an old person, I get sleepy by then. Maybe if I didn't eat a ton of food that day.)
    It's so cool how you can take a gorgeous dress like these and then put your own spin on it, the leather boots really ground the dress and those pictures of you spinning and the boots showing are fantastic!

  2. this is such an awesome NYE outfit. I love that you went the classy, glamorous routine rather than the shorter-than-short-overly-bedazzled routine that most girls seem to be drawn towards. that dress look damn hot on you and the color is amazing 🙂 Also, there's nothing shameful about overeating and getting adequate sleep in honor of the new year-that sounds like pretty much every NYE I've ever attempted to celebrate.

  3. И моята минала Нова година беше скучна… Хайде дано тази е по-добра! Поне ще я посрещаме с нови рокли хах И аз чакам моята, за колко време долу-горе пристигна до България?

    1. Ами, някъде 4,5 дена след като я пратиха. Трябваше да ми кажеш, че ще ти пращат, да ти споделя преживяванията си с българските митници 😀 Задържаха я и платих 55лв ддс. -_- Тъпаци! Дано твоята не я задържат, ако я задържат аз имам опит вече и мога да ти кажа какво да правиш 😀

  4. That dress is so so awesome! And the color is so vibrant and glorious. I'm sure it'll make your crappy new year a lot less crappy. 😉

    Hahaha–skinny, boobless bodies… yep, that's me as well. It's funny because I just got contacted by them, so hopefully I'll be hearing from them soon so my boobless self can also have a neat dress!

  5. aww you look so pretty dear. I think everyone always wish every new year become special! Haha my last new year was not bad. I slept while the other were celbrating 🙂

  6. That dress is absolutely beautiful, what a stunning colour. It's the perfect dress for you! I love NYE, it never turns out quite like you think it will, it's best to go into it with no expectations!

  7. that is such a rockin' dress. you have to take that baby out for spin this NYE! it deserves to be seen! i've always looked forward to NYE more than XMAS. it's a borderline this-is-the-end-of-the-world experience. hehe. it's a night where anything goes and no one's judging.

    i for one very much look forward to dancing it up with my gay brethren until 2 AM. ;D~

    – Anna

  8. What a gorgeous dress! I'm just blown away by how bright the yellow is, and how well it works with the pink in your hair 🙂 I had a little less luck with Msdressy, sadly… they couldn't seem to quite master just how short I am and my dress drags on the ground even with my tallest heels on. But they did an amazing job for you 🙂 Hope you have somewhere fabulous to wear the gown for New Years!

  9. Your kind words are too sweet! I must say I admire your style and blog so very much. Your uniqueness and beauty shine through in your photos. So glad I found your blog now! I love this yellow dress on you-I would never have thought to throw a belt around it, but it looks so great and the color makes your eyes just pop. Can't wait to read more! 🙂

  10. This is seriously one of the most gorgeous dresses I have ever laid eyes on! You look amazing and I love how your paired it with the booties instead of some super fancy heel! Happy holidays to you!
    xo Hannah

  11. I totally agree with you that human have evil streak in them. So the world didn't end on 21st hence the process of ageing continues =D
    Your dress looks good and you make it gorgeous! Somehow your twirling picture reminded me of a yellow tulip.
    Merry Christmas and have a great weekend =)

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