Dressestylist giveaway winner + oversize mustard, potato sweater

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And the winner of the 80$ gift voucher is….this is so exciting: Sausan Hanifah (sausanhanifah@rocketmail.com).
Congratulations Sausan, you’ll have a shiny new dress. 🙂 You will be contacted by Dressestylist soon.

Fashiony part: Outfit of the day is consisted of my favorite mustard, granny sweater, (which looks like cut potatoes, yummy) and Dressestylist dress underneath.
If you ask me why I thought a formal dress would look nice with a baggy sweater, I can’t give you an answer….

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23 thoughts on “Dressestylist giveaway winner + oversize mustard, potato sweater”

  1. Wait, I thought fancy party dresses were suppose to always be paired with oversized sweaters! Damn, no wonder I never get invited to fancy events….

    That said, I really love these two together, it's more fun to offset as pretty dress with something laid back and wow, those colors are made for each other!

  2. that skirt is disgustingly gorgeous! the red shininess is just so regal, and I love the ankle-length silhouette. awesome color blocking with the rad yellow sweater, too. great outfit, girl.

  3. hi keit! thanks for still reading the randomness that is my blog. i try to be deep, but it just isnt working. hahaha, anyway, i love what you did with the hair, and although it was a bold decision with the formal and the sweater, i honestly believe you picked a great combination! :DD

    it's been a while~
    lots of lovin'

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