Most boring outfit ever and “WOWverine”

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 First of all, thank you all good girlies for all your heart warming comments on my last pathetic post. You made my coffee seem not so sadistic after all 😀

Look who’s baaaaack this summer:

think I’ve seen this trailer 20 times. If I see Hugh Jackman’s hairy
chest one more time I’m going to flip out. And it seems like a pretty
dull movie, just like most of the X-men movies, but who cares, right?
It’s Hugh Jackman damn it! 
can’t even remember the first Wolverine movie, what was it about? We
were in a theater with a friend of mine and I just kept staring at his
tight black jeans, white tank top and veins wrapped around his muscles. O_O
Everything else is a blur….
you guys have a famous crush? Which one? Maybe Robbie Sexy Junior? Or
Alexander Hotsgard, or Chris WOWsworth…I can go on like that whoole

part: Finally my hair has grown out and looks even normal. Although I
keep having an itch to cut it off again, I shall resist thy temptation! I even made a little ugly braid! Look at it! It’s so tiny!

This has got to be one of my most boring outfits, but the weather has been screwing with my creativity lately and yeah…weather!!!! 
 Pants-nowistyle, jacket-second hand, black top- nowistyle, boots-Deichmann, vintage bag-thrifted.

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26 thoughts on “Most boring outfit ever and “WOWverine””

  1. Hugh Jackman is just one of my many famous crushes! I'm also a big fan of Robert Downie Junior 🙂 I'm amazed by how well your hair has grown out, you're so lucky! And I love those boots.

  2. ALEXANDAR HOTSGARD omfg I love him and I love your nickname for him. I also totally am into Robert Downey Jr. Totally can't wait for Iron Man 3… May 3, come on. Come on!

    I love this outfit a lot. Your green skinnies complement your giant pendant necklace so nicely.

  3. Love youre outfit, dont think its especially boring either. Like the colour of your pants alot. Also I really like the braid.

    Hate hugh Jackman though. Haha.

  4. I love outfits that have simple silhouettes, but are put together with unique pieces. These pants are a really great addition to add in a different neutral color, and they are such a great shape! I really love the boots here too, they add that grungy feel that is so cool. A classic satchel is so unexpected but I love how it pairs with this! I've always loved Christian Bale…:)

  5. Oooooh yessss, Hugh Jackman and that hairy chest. I can't help it, I like a man with hair. And it's Hugh Jackman. Match made in heaven. (Heh, I've totally been watching that trailer.) Hotsgard, best nickname ever. So appropriate. 🙂 I totally crush over Viggo Morrison in Eastern Promises. So sexy, so bad.

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