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Heeellloooow sexy burritos! I can’t believe we actually have Fall now! Praise Cthulhu for those measly 4 hours of anemic sunshine! 
Now, you all know, I’m an absolute slob. I chew with my mouth open, if there are crumbs on my clothes they’ll probably stay there till next year, I curse like a sailor and live in a pile of beer bottles and Doritos, but thanks to the wonderful blogger Yen from Diva In Me, I can feel like a proper lady now!
She has a fancy little online boutique called Mood & Closet and asked me if I would like to try some of the items there. I got this blazer and two bracelets, which made me feel as sophisticated, as a slob like me could feel. 
Aside from the fact that everything in the store is preettyyyee, I was very happy by the quality as well. The laid back designs of all of the clothes is what impressed me the most.
And the best thing, at least for me, because I live in this God forsaken country, is they have international shipping.
If  there’s still someone who isn’t itching to check out her site, here are a few of my favorite items, which will spice up that appetite of yours. 

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20 thoughts on “Mood & Closet”

  1. you wearing a classy blazer! that's definitely something 😉 the sunny yellow blazer looks fabulous together with the golden necklace. but those boots give away that it's still you (which of course is a good thing, there's no question here!! 😀 by the way, I also like the chain print crop sweater. such a pretty shade of pink/red.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  2. This is so beautiful in its simplicity. <3 God, you make it look so easy. Haha. The blazer is perfect for this. ^_^ I see you're wearing that necklace from the other post. It looks great!

    P.S. – All hail Cthulhu (I love that my spell check recognizes the correct spelling of the name of this mystical beast)

    – Anna

  3. Bahahaha, I love your descriptions of yourself. Yeah, I can be a slob sometimes, too. I'm either supa lady like or supa slob. Right now I'm in supa slob mode… I have peanut butter on my workout clothes and my hair is greasy. I have class in an hour and a half and I probably need an extra-long shower to get all this grime off, lol lol.

    You're looking classy here, Keit! I looooove that yellow blazer against the black! *____* eeeey, sexy lady!!

  4. I think we're all slobs at heart – some of us just try to hide it more than others 🙂 Yellow is a wonderful colour on you, it looks so pretty with the pink in your hair!

  5. I love you so much for that first paragraph. 🙂 Praise Cthulhu indeed, those four hours of sunshine and the cold bit. (And yet I still live somewhere cold so I must secretly like it.) I hear you on shipping, it's painful trying to get anything shipped to Alaska and when I can get shipping, it's so EXPENSIVE. Even the postal service thinks we're a different country but you probably have it worse than me so I shouldn't moan too much.
    I love how you kept your edge with the boots.

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