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April disappeared, as fast as you could say: “When is Spring going to happen anyway!?” and it’s time for another boring Monthly Favorites post! This month was excessively gloomy and so was my mood, but I was able to find joy in the simple pleasures like, abusing my body to perform push ups and making fun of my smaller cat, for being as stupid as a slipper.
Amid these mature activities, I was able to gather a few precious things, that made my Month a little less gloomy. So here they are!
           (photo source)                                Favorite Read
Thanks to the awesome bloggers “The Book Thieves” I was able to encounter this book and devour it like cold beer on a Hugh Jackman movies marathon. 
I would strongly recommend this to anyone who wants to write nonfiction and to anyone who hasn’t even thought about writing, and thinks that the whole process is just a needle in the ass. 
William Zinsser’s writing is warm and engaging. He appreciates individuality and the fact that every person has his own style of writing, but still manages to give you tons of advice on how to expand this style. Perhaps the best advice for me was “KEEP IT SIMPLE”. I never knew I could keep it simple! I always thought that you have to write inhumanly long pretentious sentences, while holding a glass of martini and an olive… so glad I was wrong!

Favorite Japanese Thingy
Notebook and Origami
Yup, my April favorite is a simple boring notebook! But what I love about it, is that it’s fat and juicy, perfect for my Japanese grammar. It’s made from recycled paper and has a peculiar vintage feel. I picked this particular one, because the eagle looks like he’s screaming at me. Whenever I don’t feel like studying, I just have to glance towards the judgmental eagle shouting: “You stupid shit, why you no study!”

Notebook and Origami

Translation: Japanese Grammar

Favorite Cosmetics
You all know I’m no fancy pants! I rarely use any cosmetics, other than eyeliner and lipstick and I always buy the cheapest products and hope for the best. So, when my sister bought me Vichy’s special edition box I was kind of skeptical. Other than the fact, that the box itself looks like something I would kill for, I didn’t think it would make me look pretty. But I was pleasantly surprised. 

Vichy Tin Box

Who wouldn’t kill for that!
Vichy Tin Box

Vichy Idealia Life Serum
The product that did the trick for me was the Idealia Life Serum. Don’t know if you guys know it already, but the Idealia Life Serum is a serum that helps the skin fight behavioral aging, or said with human words- it recovers the skin from: stress, pollution, smoke, UV rays and unbalanced diet. The formula of the serum is said to: 
  • Freshen the complexion
  • Even the skin tone
  • Refine pores
  • Illuminate the skin
Maybe I’ve got a placebo thing going on, but after two weeks of using this, my skin feels fresh, energetic, soft and looks much more radiant.
One thing the serum didn’t achieve though, is to refine the pores. They’re as shitty as ever! (sniff) 
Have you guys used this serum? 

Favorite Fashion Find

Zara Backless Lace Dress

I first saw this dress on Zara’s website and I fell in love with the bare back. But like most good things in life, this dress costed a fortune and I had to fight the urge, to punch myself in the stomach for being so poor. I was euphoric when I saw the same dress, brand new with the label intact, for half the price, on “” (It’s basically the Bulgarian equivalent of Ebay). I’m showing you just the half of it, because I’m planing on making an outfit post with it and I wouldn’t want to spoil the surprise *_*

Favorite Song 
So these are my April favorites. Hope you guys didn’t snooze or anything. Tell me what are your April Favorites? 
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20 thoughts on “Monthly Favorites: April”

  1. The Vichy box is too cute 🙂 Unfortunately I can't use Vichy (allergic to something that it includes ><) . Isn't that great when you find something like that as a bargain :D!
    I'm not sure what are my april favorites… Maybe I will blog about the topic later 🙂

  2. You are one of my favourite bloggers, Keit. You always make me laugh and I totally want to hang out with you. I even almost kinda like that song. It's really early in the morning and I'm drinking tea, so that's not really the right sort of mood for the energy of this song and screaming guitar riffs are not usually my thing, but these ones are screaming in a lower key so that's good and I love this guy's voice.

    Amazing dress! I can't wait to see more of it styled the Keit way!

    I love notebooks though I've never had one with a screaming eagle. I can be shopping and see a notebook and think OMG I just have to have that one! Thus I have a stash of them waiting for me to fill them with my nonsense.

    I've never tried any Vichy products but always been kind of tempted. I love that tin! That would probably get me to buy the product.

  3. Hahaha you always have the BEST favorites list. Some people make favorite lists that are just so boring but I enjoy reading through yours so much. That book looks like a must read, even just for blogging. That Zara dress is a stunnin' on you, too. LOVELY LADY WITH SUCH A LOVELY BACK!

    Aw aw your comment on my blog made me make inhuman screeching noises of happiness. You are da bestestest. Boys can eb super confusing and cryptic. Goshdarnohwell.

  4. Oh my gosh– your eagle notebook cracks me up…. although I don't think I need the extra guilt!

    Love the back of the dress, I am curious to see the front. And the facial serum sounds great. I haven't used this specific product, but I do think it is important to take care of your skin.

    my April was nice– after an extended hiatus, I got back home to Singapore and have just been getting resettled and dealing with my very active toddler…. oh and lots of work! But I did manage to squeeze in some outdoor activities (which were good for the body and the brain) and purchased a simple black tank blouse that filled a gaping hole in my wardrobe.

    Here is to a happy May!

    ~~Alexis Grace of North On Harper

  5. not boring at all, Keit! I love those posts because of the versatility. haven't used the Vichy products but I have heard some (probably good) stuff about them. and that indeed is one fancy box of beauty goodies! oh and your new dress looks fabulous! looking forward to seeing the outfit post! but my April favourites? don't know because right now a stupid flu is disturbing me here and driving me crazy 🙁

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  6. Hmm I have not tried it but now I am curious to try it. Great packaging. And the notebook is cool. I just bought " A Constellation of Vital Phenomena" and I can not wait to start it tonight.

    Allie of ALLIE NYC

  7. That is so true, April was like a blink of an eye so fast. I do love the low back dress, I don't have enough of them but I love them xx

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