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Most people would slap me in the face after saying this, but being skinny is not as awesome as you might assume. Shocking! Skinny girls have problems too you know!
For instance, being skinny means that almost every bracelet or watch you buy, won’t fit your anorexic wrist (my new watch included). 
I ordered this huge golden sight for sore eyes few days ago, and it already made me regret it, with it’s floppy chain and “look how big I am” attitude. I hate it.  
Luckily, there are people around the world, who have the same “incredibly important” problem and instead of loathing in self despair, figured out how to resize the watch by themselves. Even better, they figured out how to resize it half ass, which is my favorite way of doing everything. 
If anyone has the same problem, check out the video, which spared me a few minutes of my life, I would have spend going to the watchmaker.

Fashiony part: I look like a fat cake in this skirt, but it’s my favorite in the whole wide world! It’s perfect for summer, because of the comfy shape, which lets the breeze gently caress your ass, so poetic! 

Mint top and bracelet from Egoist, skirt- second hand, spiked headband- Asos.

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26 thoughts on “Mint top and spiked headband”

  1. It's a wonder how you can make pieces like that work. I can imagine it would be very unflattering on some people.

    I agree with you on being thin. No matter how much I eat, I'm still underweight. I always have to have my watches resized too.

  2. seriously, I have to make sure I'm not drinking something when I read your posts because I'll be damned sure to make it come out my nose from laughing at what you write. I can attest, sometimes being thin does suck. Like when jewelry doesn't fit right or certain shoes makes your ankle bones stick out or when you can't find a strapless bra to fit right because your ribs are small small small small.

    Also, kickass outfit, dearie.


  3. Shiiiit, I know what you mean with the bracelet thing! I totally can't wear normal bangles and stuff because of that very reason. And then those ones that actually DO bend to close still end up being too large and floppy on your wrist because they're ridiculously round. Like, why aren't bracelets oval-shaped instead of circular? Bracelet designing people. Honestly. Tryin' to mess with us like they do.

    Complain complain. Complaining is so easy.

    I really love that first picture with your bright pink clutch. And your leather skirt is somethin' fierce, Keit! ROCK ON

  4. One of my favorite outfits of yours!Does that make any sense :D? I mean I just love how you look in these pics and that spiked headband is everything!

  5. I totally sympathise with your bracelet and watch problem – I've completely given up on adult jewelry and get all of my bracelets from stores that have a kids section unless I can find shops that will custom size things for me. Otherwise it's impossible… I've lost so many bracelets this way 😛

    I love your skirt – as I'm sure I've told you so many times – and the tie back on your blouse is lovely 🙂

  6. oh yeah, of course I know how it feels to have tiny wrists. pretty much every bracelet and watch (rings too) are way too big for me and I have lost many bracelets that way.. many expensive bracelets, so damn you, tiny wrists! by the way, your mint top is SOOO cute (especially the back)! I love it!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  7. Oh yes! I totally agree with you on being skinny part. We do have our sets of issues too.
    This outfit is one of my fav! Love the shade of your top and I think matches this skirt so well. Faved in Chictopia! =)

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