Messy desktop.. and the long leather beauty (skirt)

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   Recently I took up on the incredibly challenging task to arrange my folders. Damn, those were dark, dark days. I noticed a weird pattern in the naming of all the 10001 photos. They were all idiotic names like: “afasaf” or “blowwind”, or the good old “afghj”. 
And it’s weird, cause  I’ve always been one of those people who arrange their socks into different color piles and their undies under categories: “potential sex” and “grandma”. My desktop used to be ultra clean, a rugged hunk staring at me from the monitor. Now there’s crap floating around and a polar bear hidden behind thousands of icons no one uses. Why this sudden change? 
What about you guys, do you tidy your computer or just let it rot in garbage and stupid names? 😀 
Fashiony part: 
This long, leather skirt was thrifted long ago, but never worn because I couldn’t find a decent top for it.
The first look is with a crummy, second hand polo shirt. I HATE POLO SHIRTS, want to tear them apart!!! 
Father says they really suit me because I have a giraffe neck (long). I guess this could be taken as a compliment. If I was to be compared to an animal, I would chose giraffe, rather than a koala…
Second outfit is with a chunky,  second hand yellow sweater. So shiny!

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28 thoughts on “Messy desktop.. and the long leather beauty (skirt)”

  1. that skirt is so friggin' rad.. i don't even know where to begin. it's a formidable piece of clothing as it just commands your attention. i think you did a good job with it here! it's either the center of attention or humbly sharing the spotlight.

    also, can i just say that i have very little underwear in the "potential sex" category. it's all grannie, all the time. haha. 😛

    – Anna

  2. I think the second outfit is the coolest, especially because of the bright sweater. it goes really well with your leather maxi skirt.
    when it comes to my computer then yes, I try to "tidy" it as often as possible and the situation is pretty decent in my opinion 😛

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. I'm a neat freak irl and with my computer, so thankfully everything is organized nicely, and all my outfit pictures are labeled in the order they appear in my blog and in a folder with the corresponding month… but girl, props to you for sorting through all your disorgainzation! I bet your mind is clear now, huh? 🙂

    That yellow sweater looks SO cozy. And I love that big red necklace. So bold!

  4. Спомням си я тази пола, бяхме заедно като си я взе 🙂 На мнение съм, че цветове като това жълто на пуловера са прекалено специфични и не отиват на повечето хора, but you rock that yellow sweater!

  5. I try to keep my computer tidy… I really do… but even though my desktop looks relatively free, I'm working with about 9 GB remaining of the something like 500 I had to start with, so somewhere, a disaster has occurred. Your leather skirt is just lovely – I especially like it paired with the yellow sweater, the colours are perfect together.

  6. It's not a giraffe neck, it's a swan neck! (More elegant, but giraffes are cooler. Either way, you're gorgeous.) My desktop is a crazy, hideous mess. I mostly just hide from it.

    I love how bright colors look with your pink hair! It looks so sweet on the top portion of this outfit and then that awesome skirt and the boots give it such a fantastic edge. (Seriously, you have the best boot collection.)

  7. Ah, such a fantastic skirt! I saw something with a similar silhouette but in super acid wash denim instead of leather just the other day, but wasn't sure of what I would wear it with so I passed it up. Seriously regretting that decision now!

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