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Question: How many burritos can you eat, before the guilt kicks in and/or you get diarrhea? 
Answer: Who the hell cares!
I just discovered a Mexican restaurant which delivers food straight to your home and I’ve been in an existential crisis. I kept ordering everything that sounded mildly tasty. Now I can’t stop feeling like a lonely fat dude, munching on tacos in front of the computer, with the blinds pulled down, because it’s too sunny and I can’t play Guild Wars 2 on a sunny monitor. Sometimes I feel so unpretty I wonder why the boyfriend stayed for so long. 

Any who, as surprising as this may sound, eating tons of burritos wasn’t the highlight of my week! As you remember from my September favorites post, I snatched these lovely booties from a thrift store, but what you don’t know is, I snatched this gorgeous melange sweater as well!  

Underneath the sweater I layered my lace slip dress. Of course you can’t see it very well, because everything is so black! I wanted to go bare legged so badly, but my kidneys would have revolted!
What I like most about the shoes are the cut out details. I have a need to pair them with fluffy socks, but the only pair I have are these dull gray ones, still looks quite edgy. 

For a nice finish I used a pink lipstick and my glass necklace. Do you likey? How would you guys style these cut out shoes? 
Shoes – second hand, Slip dress – Kookai (second hand) Sweater – H&M (second hand)
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26 thoughts on “Melange Pink Sweater & Purple Boots”

  1. I was eating a burrito and trying not to get spicy sauce all over my computer when I opened your blog, as I started reading I burst out laughing at the coincidence and, of course, the sauce went all over the computer and my white shirt… Oh oh…

    Love these booties, I can't believe you bought them at a thrift shop!


  2. I wish we had a restaurant that brings food to your house but of course we don't 😐 we have zero decent restaurants anyway. small town joys I guess.. anyway, of course I like this outfit. those booties and the sweater make a wonderful combo. and you know I'm also a fan of pink 😉

    Part of me

  3. I said hello to Hugh Jackman for you 😉
    Never mind your kidneys, what about your knees?!
    Gorgeous boots, you know I dig them. Love the colour in the boots and jumper., and the touch of lace with the grey socks. Lovely! JJ

  4. Love your outfits and your boots! I will steal your boots yes I will. omg you are living the life I wish I had a Mexican restaurant near me that would deliver.!!!!!

  5. MEXICAN FOOD DELIVERY?! Dude, bring on the poops. The shitsstorm would be welcome if I had one of those near me Though strangely enough Mexican food never bothers my intestines like that. XD So I would welcome it even more?

    I love love that hot pink on you. Pretty sure hot pink is my favorite color on you. And your comment about my painting looking like female menstruation totally made my day. I like having people say it looks biological and a "pretty" gross and that comment made me uber happy. Maybe I should make more menstruation-esque paintings hahahaha.

  6. Lmfao <3 That's the way I felt when this Greek delivery place opened up. It was like…ALL I could think about EVER. I caved eventually and it was worth it. We have this taco delivery place that is totally rad. It delivers until 3 AM every day. EVERY. DAY. We must have ordered from that place a bazillion times. Don't feel guilty, dude! Not everyone has access to that kind of awesomeness. Haha. Use it up! ;D

    Killer sweater, by the way. I like that you used the lace slip dress as a skirt here. <3

    – Anna

  7. I can't believe you found these amazing boots at the thrift store, ours never has awesome stuff like that! (It's sadly lacking in the boot department, it's mostly a bunch of those ugly 90s pointy toe, chunky heel boots that are a combo of old church lady and 80s freaky business woman.) These boots, they're just awesome! And they look shiny which means that they must be the bestest of best boots.

    I wish we had delivered Mexican food, chicken tacos are so my weakness. and fried ice cream. It's like ice cream, cereal and SUGAR all in one and it is so good.

  8. exactly like you – with the fuzziest socks i own 🙂
    and leggings&sweater too! but a bit more skirt to balance out my mature valkyrie chest&shoulders….

    p.s.: the purple dress from last post is unbelievable beautiful on you!!!

  9. There's a place in this world, where mexican food can be delivered!? I'm definitely livin in the wrong country. Oh gosh, I love mexican food – and I have this overeating-thing a lot lately. With pizza. And YES, the guilt kicks definitely in. Anyways, you look cute as hell – bright colors are just your kind of thing. <3

    XX, Sara.

  10. Love those boots! I live practically next door to a Taco Bell so I understand your food dilemma. So much crunchwrap. I think your pinkish sweater perfectly matches your pinkish boots and your pinkish lips!

    – alexis

  11. Your boyfriend might know how much potential you have, even on your cosy day :p Overmore, you find some nice restaurants, who could he resists!? I couldn't wait to see these boots worn: and they look great! The more I see this kind of shoes, the more I like them (if only my foot size wasn't on the women top limit. rip.)
    This dress always attracts me; it's so lovely! And I love how you balance it with this colorful top & lipstick; catchy!
    Have a good day!

  12. I have serious hair envy every time I come to your blog. Seriously. Does it just fall that way? It always looks so perfect – and the fact that it's growing out from being so short so well… I could ramble on and on. Suffice it to say your hair makes me jealous. And so does your sweater, because it looks so cozy. Also, you definitely aren't the only one who hides at home ordering takeout. I don't play Guild War 2, but otherwise we're the same 😉

  13. I cannot believe you thrifted those boots! They are magical! I love the heel on them. I feel like they would be such a fun piece to style with pretty much anything. They look spectacular with the wine colored sweater.
    Also, feel no shame with the burritos. Burritos are delicious.

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