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I have been very bad…very, very, very bad! I placed a shopping ban on myself and the only thing that came out of it, is that now I have the feeling of happy guilt nested comfortably inside my soul. Happy, because I bought so many pretty things, guilt, because I bought so many pretty things….
How do you guys ever manage to keep your shopping ban, especially when there are so many temptations in second hand stores?
Any who, I thought I might as well share my treasures with you girlies and strangle my guilt with a pillow stuffed with bricks. Diiiiieeeee, diiieee you unpleasant feeling, go join the others who are currently planning the next sadistic assassination upon me! 

 Caramel faux fur collar:  +35 Fluffiness!!!               Grandpa Jumper. Ugly but comfortable!

        Vintage, genuine leather purse.                                  Sequin H&M bolero. 

  I love the teenage mutant ninja turtles! 
  They like pizza, I can emotionally connect!                Denim jacket for a 12 year old.

   Lolita – sort of – gothic kind of dress.                  Christine knit cardigan you already saw.

And here is the faux fur collar in action. I’ve been reading a lot of Japanese magazines lately…Well, reading is an overstatement, what I’m doing is more like straining my eyes and vaguely trying to understand what that spaghetti kanji means and looking at the pretty pictures.

Because of this new hobby of mine, I’ve been very much inspired by the Harajuku fashion and I’m planning on changing my style completely. It won’t be something drastic like a classic Harajuku one, but I’m planning on wearing a lot more layers, a lot more quirky accessories, patterns and colors. 

This outfit is going to be my last basic and “normal”one, before I succumb to my new fixation! I wore it for another cold walk to the boyfriend’s office, I froze my ass waiting for the bus and my hair turned all frizzy because of the humidity. Oh, the sacrifices I have to endure!

The last photos were taken by an extrmeley talented friend of mine who’s got some mad skills and a lens that is cooler than Hugh Jackman! The lens is a pain in the ass to focus, but the difference in quality and colors is obvious. Looking at these now, maybe I can stop buying clothes and invest into a good lens? 
Thank you for the photos Zdravko! Go and have a look at his Facebook, there are lots of fancy shots of handsome men there! *wink, wink*

Oh and here’s a blooper! Majestically trying to remove some snot from my nose. It was cooold!

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24 thoughts on “Massive Thrift Haul + Faux Fur Collar”

  1. Твоите постове могат да оправят деня ми винаги! 😀 Снимката с нослето е страхотна, обмислям да я превърна в wallpaper 😀 Относно тоалета… както винаги е много готин и свежарски, а яката е супер готина! Виждам, че THe Mall (и този окръг) е честа дестинация за снимки, за това я пази! Ако те видя съм способна да я отмъкна! 😀

  2. Great find, especially the ninja turtles shirt!!! I love the fake fur collar to. Great color!

    Shopping bans are ALWAYS the time when I'm an idiot and decide to go to thrift store (to not shop?) and then I find all the magical things that weren't there when I wasn't on a shopping ban! It's hard to resist.

    I want that camera!! I want a nice lens! The pictures are fantastic.

    P.S. Come enter my Treat Yo Self Pin-to-Win 😉

  3. whOOO love the stuff you bought! ahha harajuku was the very first style I got into man!!! I love that black lace dress it's so lolita looking n awesome! No lie I have 1000000 pics of me whipping my snot no shame man

  4. Harajuku…yeah! Can't wait to see your take on it…with your range of clothes from Grandpa jumpers to Lolita dresses!
    Love this "normal" look too. The new collar is so fluffy and soft, I can almost feel it through the screen! xo JJ

  5. Nope, I don't blame you at all. That's why I never place a shopping ban on myself. I just know that's when I'll fail the hardest. Lol I'd have to stop going into thrift stores to stop myself from buying something, and I just can't do that….*sigh*
    Anyway, you scored some gorgeous items! LOVE the sequin jacket *_*
    Oooooh, and I'm super excited to see your new look now!

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  6. that skirt and the fancy fur collar are simply perfect together! such a glamorous match! and I totally loved seeing your thrift finds (don't you worry about buying all that stuff, I'm always happy when someone shares their thrifted goodies! thrifting is not regular shopping so don't feel the guilt, forget about it!). anyway, yeah, your findings are AMAZING!!! I'm totally looking forward to seeing all of them in your future outfits.

    Part of me

  7. I finally started on the kanji learning a few months ago with my Japanese classes and it's slow work! I'm really impressed with you being able to read magazines. I follow people on twitter who tweet in Japanese and it's so depressing to not be able to understand anything because of all the kanji! You always have great style, and I think there's already a little harajuka in there. 🙂

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