Mah New Bike & Styling Ripped Skinny Jeans!

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I’ll be quick today, because my cat just pooped and her toilet is right next to my computer… She always does this, it’s her way of saying “Good Morning!”. Any who, I promised you photos of the new bikey and here they are!
My boyfriend said I look like an aircraft carrier with all these baskets, but I don’t care! I wanted two baskets, because of reasons… (one to put crap and beer in, and the other is just for pretty). I always carry so much shit with me, these baskets are the best thing that has happened in my life right now! Hope you guys like it, because I LOVE it! My muscles already ache from all the cycling, I have the body of a 60 year old…

Fashiony Part
Check out mah new rad jeans and tee!  I know I say this for every outfit I wear, but this one is an absolute favorite! I think every outfit I wear is a favorite, as long as it’s comfy and it’s not stained with food! 

I got these two bad ass treasures from Choies. The jeans are very stretchy, I love the rich blue color and the rips. I bought a size L and they fit like a glove. Bare in mind, before purchasing anything, always read the measurements!
I was looking for an equally bad ass t-shirt to pair with my jeans and I chose this Alice in Wonderland top. I love the grainy texture of the material and the crazy-eyed Cheshire cat printed on the front! 

Styling this was a no brainer, I made a caterpillar, (aka braid), on my head and went for an all grunge attire with a leather backpack, chunky boots and leather bracelet.  

So that’s it for today, how’s your Monday going so far? Does it suck like every Monday? Yeah, I bet it does! 

Ripped Blue Jeans- c/o Choies, Alice in Wonderland top- c/o Choies, Bracelet- Mood & Closet, Backpack- thrifted.
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22 thoughts on “Mah New Bike & Styling Ripped Skinny Jeans!”

  1. Ooooh, love that Cheshire cat print on your tee – hehe, it's so fun.
    Also, ahhhh, the bike! It's made the awaited appearance. Haha, that's so hilarious how you have to have two baskets. Actually…if I ever got a bike, I'd probably need the same installation made…

    The Dragonfruit Diaries

  2. I have a bike too and I love that bike but this year I haven't used it very much.. okay I practically haven't used it at all and I miss biking so I should do something about it. anyway, I'm glad at least you can ride so much that your whole body hurts 😀 oh and those ripped jeans remind me of the ones my brother used to own, because of the knees, only his were even more ripped than yours 😀

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. Those are the matchingest rips I've ever seen. I love them! (I like even things 🙂 I kill myself laughing at your Cheshire Cat. What a crazy grin! You can't help grinning back. If you wear size L there must be some tiny people in this world!
    Your bike is giving me guilt. Must get back on my gorgeous bike. Has only one basket, but is real cane! So glad you have a nice mode of transport. And it will give you amazing legs! Not that you don't have them already 😉 XO JJ

  4. You don't see many 60 year olds with a body like that 🙂
    I'm so jealous of your bike and the awesome Alice and Wonderland cropped tee. You look gorgeous as ever 🙂
    I love goin to see my mum when I'm wearing ripped jeans, because she always says 'Are they supposed to be like that?' hehe!

    Gems x

  5. The second outfit looks like it could be in a magazine. Well actually, they both do, but especially the second one. Your bike is awesome. No one in my town rides bikes, which is a bummer, come to think of it …

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