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So it’s that time of the year again! The time when we are practically living on toast with toast, and in the middle toast with salt, when I haven’t yet paid my bills and it feels like I have, when I am having an internal dialogue would it be better to buy chocolate or cigarettes. In other words, money are short! So I decided to make a low budget favorites post a week before my payday, so you can have a glimpse on what it’s like being a fashion blogger who is broke. 
1. First and first in my heart, (tell me this is cheesy, I dare you!) are two presents I got from deh boyfriend. He actually bought them in November, but due to some struggles with the shipping this came January. It was supposed to be his Christmas present (we both aren’t very good at presents), but now at least I have an excuse to brag about it. Both presents are from Aio Hacks which are full with nerdy stuff that can melt your heart and wallet!
The first gorgeous thingy is a mouse and keyboard pad of The Witcher 3 game. Which,I gotta admit it literally changed my life in a good way!

The quality is awesome and I’ve never seen a mouse pad this big (that’s what she said).  I can’t wait to stain it with pasta and pizza sauce!

The second present is a canvas from the second game that changed my life – Nier Automata. You’d think that after all these changes something good would finally come out from me, but no, you are mistaken. Anyway, I can’t express how beautiful this is and how big again! Apparently I like big.
I can’t wait to place this on our ungodly ugly-looking walls to freshen them up a bit.

 2.The great thing about not having money is you turn to books, cause you need to see drama other than yours. Few weeks ago we had a Book Fair here in Sofia and you can get some pretty decent books at a discount. I immediately snatched the Comic Fantasy book from a boy that was so awkward I felt even more awkward, and he was even awkwarder-er and we just awkwardly exchanged money and book and went about…..
The book includes all types of fantasy writers, some you’ve never heard of, since the author spent a lot of time to dig deep into the fantasy genre and find treasures. Of course, Terry Pratchett and Neil Gaiman are included, but if they weren’t I’d be pretty mad!

3.After we bought a puppy I feel like I have a baby that is more intelligent than me. It just stares at you with his huge button eyes and does some stupid shit in the meantime.
Regardless I love my doge, so spending quality time with him is what I look forward to. These photos were taken few days ago on a very warm day, so we decided to finally get out from our internet caves and go into the wild. 

The outfit here is a doge walking outfit, consisting of wide trousers, turtleneck and sneakers for maximum comfort. I sometimes go with a knit dress and only my underwear cause I’m too lazy to dress, but who would wanna see that!

4.And the last January favorite is this guy over here. Not the one who is being tortured, the other dude!
game is called The Evil Within 2 and it scares the bajiggles out of me!
It’s dark, creepy, shocking, out of your wits scary, especially if you
play it like me at night and after a few beers.

So what about you guys, what are your January’s favorites?

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6 thoughts on “Low Budget January Favorites”

  1. I adore this pink on you Keit, the wide leg & side pockets are fab too! Of course I love your puppy, sorry new baby. As for the other stuff….no idea what you're talking about 😉

  2. My January favs…I'm pretty sure they were all low cost too. When it comes to books, I read and liked a dozen of them but I have only bought one : Darkside Earther by Bradley Horner and it was pretty cool. I don't buy books often anymore (only when there is some cool book fair in town), I mostly borrow them from the library.

  3. hahaha hilarious girl!! You look as always very Keit chic in your pictures. I still cannot grasp how you can wear this outfit and go out into the winter wild! Maybe that's just me but I will not be able to function in the snow. If temps drop even just a little bit here and you know where I am it has got no FOUR seasons, I will be in layers. Goes to show that you've got the genes to slay that chill monster and survive while I will shrivel up and self-destruct. I really didn't know they make hug mouse pads now. I'm so cheap I just use a few hard textured papers. Now that I see yours, I will go and be an adult and order some online. Hehehe <3 xoxoxo

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