L’Oreal Mega Volume Miss Manga Punky Indigo Mascara Review

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Man, does this mascara have the longest name ever or what? I got this little bugger a week ago and was so pumped about it I decided to make a whole new category for the blog named: “Beauty products and stuff…”. Might have to change the name soon, I’m lacking meat in my blood, haven’t eaten a steak in like 4 hours, so my creativity has decreased accordingly and can’t think of a better name…Any who, before we dive into the unknown for me, deep, scary waters of makeup, I just want to say thank you all for your amazing comments on my last posts! You’re like alcohol, you make me bubbly and fuel my desire to talk incoherent nonsense even more!

Also, some of you commented on my post about perfect people on the internet and how you see me as someone who is perfect, which is the best compliment I’ve heard in a year and it’s sooooo faaaaaar from the truth! I sometimes snore when I sleep, I always smudge my eyeliner to the point
it looks white trash “beautiful”, I’m often too lazy to shave my legs, I use
my t-shirt as a napkin, when I eat spicy food I release an inhumanly
amount of saliva and snot, so there’s that. Perfection is basically my

I have so many imperfections I want to share with you, but I’ll just leave you with a slice of them, since the whole loaf of bread might scare you and there is a chance you’ll run away from me and we don’t want that, who will I talk to then? People from the real world?! As if! Screw those guys!

Now, onto the mascara thingy!

I read about this mascara in a fashion  magazine (yes, I do read those occasionally when I suffer from high fever or want to have a good laugh) and only one electrical pulse went through my half-dead brain when I saw this: “MANGAAAAAAAAAAA!!! ^_^”
You probably know about my love for Japan, so in my opinion anything
that has the name “Manga” in it, is bound to be a life changing thing!
Especially if this thing is a mascara and you’re the type of person that
has been using the same dried out mascara your sister gave you 4 years
ago, because you can’t be bothered to pay real moneyz for a silly thing
as a mascara. But a blue mascara? I’d pay a pinky for that! So I went and skeptically bought it. Skeptically, because I really didn’t think it
would look any good or blue at all. So, lets proceed to the first impressions!


What also draw me towards this shiny mascara is the sleek and luxurious packaging. They also sell these in pink, but couldn’t find a pink one with the color indigo, so had to survive with this glossy yellow. Not complaining though! When you close the container it gives you a satisfying click which informs you that the mascara is tightly shut. Kewl!


The brush is indeed punky looking, with little spikes and a tapered (I think that’s what you call it) shape. I’ve heard of mythical mascaras that cover the whole eyelash in just one stroke, but this one isn’t one of them. I had to take
a few strokes to cover my eyelashes, maybe because my eyes are just huge
and gorgeous! Either way, I really don’t think there is a mascara in this world that would cover your whole eyelash in one stroke, just don’t think nature would allow such frivolous behavior!

The brush scoops a generous amount of product so no need to dip it in a thousand times which, as we all know, is a legitimate problem that plagues our life and makes it almost unbearable…The strugglez!!!
I’ve never tried the other Miss Manga series of L’Oreal, so can’t really compare, but this one does tend to add a small amount of clumps here and there. I think this is supposed to be intentional, since the commercial of just the Mega Volume Miss Manga mascara shows a generous amount of clumpage! And yes, the Mega Volume Miss Manga and Mega Volume Miss Manga Punky are actually two different mascaras….go figure…or are they? I’m confused, I’ll stop now!

Mascara in Action

And finally the juicy part! Photos of how the mascara actually looks on mah pretty face! I intentionally added eyeliner to my eyes, because this is basically my daily makeup and I wanted to know how the indigo color would look on top of darker eyeliner or eye shadow, so..observe!

No mascara

With mascara (duh)

With more layers

The camera didn’t quite catch it, but there is a big difference if you add more layers on top. What I don’t like is that when you start applying the mascara it’s rather faded and I  had to add more and more to achieve the effect I wanted. This maybe due to my eyelashes being UBER pale and almost nonexistent, and perhaps if you have bolder, darker eyelashes you won’t have this problem. Overall the result is quite striking, it’s almost like you’re wearing a blue eyeliner, but with a special kick to it.
As for the mega volume, I didn’t notice anything breathtaking, but the mascara does add more length and makes the eyelashes look rich and plumpy.

I also did a quick outfit shoot to show you how the mascara looks in daylight, and with actual clothes and not in my underwear. My hair is a mess and this is one of those “QUICKLY! PUT SOMETHING THAT ISN’T STAINED WITH KETCHUP!!!” hastily put together outfits, so it’s kind of boring, but I love how the mascara makes everything pop!

The “I have no idea what I’m doing” pose.

Used the camera’s flash here, looks rather awesome!

Having a hard time balancing my body


With the risk of sounding too emotional, I must say this mascara is the shit! It’s the perfect garnish for every quirky or casual outfit and it has a certain individuality which greatly complements any type of personal style. Even the clumps add to that punk and unusual appeal and make the mascara even more attractive and extraordinary. The only downside is that it feels kind of heavy and uncomfortable for me for everyday use, but I’d wear this any day of the week when I’d like to feel like a special snowflake!
What do you guys think? Have you heard of this mascara? Is it something you would try?
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14 thoughts on “L’Oreal Mega Volume Miss Manga Punky Indigo Mascara Review”

  1. I am patting myself in the back for being super early to devour your whole beauty blog manga mascara post, yeay! Seriously, I never thought off anything good to come out of a blue mascara as the ones I've seen were really dark that it could be mistaken as black. Yours is so electric blue, it makes your already gorgeous eye POP! I really need to get my hands on this mascara and hopefully it's not expensive because I am poor. I love you, dear Keit. You make me laugh with real sounds coming out of me so for that, I will accept that loaf of bread of imperfections you said you are blessed with and chew it. <3

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  2. Girl, your photos are incredible! Seriously, you have gorgeous eyes and the shape of them is just so good. I can't think of a better way to describe your eye shape than "so good." Aren't I romantic? Also, only you could work bright blue mascara, hot pink lips, and a pink tulle skirt in the same outfit and make it look like something you could casually wear to a sandwich shop. I just wanna be you. Your posts make me laugh big belly laughs!

  3. Oh man I need some blue mascara asap. I had some back in the day when I didn't even know what I was doing with makeup because I was like 10 and playing around, but colorful mascara is back and I'm pumped! I'm glad this one works nicely. I wonder if they sell a version of it over here. If so, I need to get on that. It looks so awesome on you and the pink lipstick with it is the cherry on top.

    Jamie | PetitePanoply.com

  4. I haven't heard of this mascara, but I would try it despite the fact I'm not very brave with make up! It reminds me of mascaras that were in when I was in the last year of elementary school and lately I've been having deja vu because the ninineties are in again:) This mascara looks great on your eyes..I also really like the outfit….that pink tulle skirt is amazing! great boots too!

    thanks for your comment…I don't have any series to recommend but I want to start following one too….Lately I've had this need to chill out a bit.

  5. Oh, wow. I would never ever thought, that I'd like blue mascara – but it's adorable on you. And the best thing: These awesome pics of you. πŸ˜€ I'm definitely looking forward to more beauty-and-stuff-posts!

    XX, Sara.

  6. I'm into colourful mascaras (to match my hair :D) and I've been looking for a blue mascara and the only one I've found (and which was bright enough) was some cheap blue one. Maybe next time I'll try this one.

  7. i have the turquoise version of it!
    in the early summer i decided to not paint my nails anymore – so i needed something to spice up my looks – and started to search for turquoise mascara. and lΒ΄oreal was the only brand that had that color (in my rural country).
    AND I LOVE IT! i wear it every time i leave the house. and yes – simple outfits get an upgrade instantly. for me the perfect summer paint πŸ™‚

    the blue one suits your eye color just wonderful! and that outfit is totally fabulous!!!
    greetings from turquois to blue! xxxx

  8. I don't wear mascara, but I absolutely would wear blue mascara if I could find an insanely bright blue like this! It's gorgeous, absolutely gorgeous. And I'm a wee bit jealous of your boots. I just gave my Docs away to my sister since I live in the tropics now and she moved to Michigan where it's actually cold enough to wear boots….and I miss both my Docs and my sister…someday I want another pair of Docs…someday…

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