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Ever since I learned about the existence of Etsy stores, I made it my life purpose to stalk them and be sad that I can’t afford anything. I’ve been very good at this for years now, until an incredible lady contacted me and whispered to me (sounds a bit sexual, but it’s not!) the two words that grease my rusted heart gears: “Free items!”.  Yes… I’m as shallow as a stream, but so is your mom!
The lady’s name is Meg Fazio, and she owns a rad vintage store called Little Raisin

Meg has a love for tiny backpacks and a passion for everything quirky and out of the ordinary. Her store is a mix of vintage pieces with a twist, every item is special and unique. Some of them she upcycles with bleach, fabric paint and patches, and you can see how cool they turn out by checking out my rad new denim vest from her store. This used to be a classic old boring vest, until Meg came along removed the pockets and slapped a cutesy hamster t-shirt patch on it.

I was born left handed, and I was born left handed in my heart, I can’t sew a button or even cut a straight line, so I’ve always had great respect for people who create things with their own hands. And Meg is one of those people. 
But what I have greater respect for, are low prices! O_O Little Raisin keeps the prices affordable, which is something I rarely see coming from an Etsy store. So have a peek and see if you’d like something! And if you do I have great news for you! You can get a 15% off on your first purchase! All you have to do is like Little Raisin’s Facebook page and use the discount code Keit15 before checking out!

Few words about the outfit. It was cheek-bitingly freezing the day I wore this, I even had a parka on top. I usually like to cover myself in different colors like a Christmas tree, but this time I decided to make the vest stand out by pulling off an all red ensemble. 

The raspberry sweater is from Mango, I got it on sale few years ago. For accessories I took my festive hat for a spin, the surprised/depressed panda bag and my new glass necklace. It may be too early for my Christmas hat, but I don’t care, I love Christmas, I need it in my life!

I got one more item from Little Raisin and I’ll be posting photos with it very soon. If you want to see me striking sexy poses, don’t miss out on post number 2!

Denim vest – Little Raisin, Camel Chelsea boots – Stradivarius, Bag – Rosalita McGee, Sweater – Mango, Festive hat & jeans – second hand.
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21 thoughts on “Denim Vest From Little Raisin Vintage Store”

  1. Love the styling! The vest really stands out against the red. I love the items you chose to accessorize with. That bag really adds a cool unexpected twist and those camel Chelsea boots look awesome against the red pants. This look is a lot of fun!

  2. As always you are so awesome. I savour your blog posts and your outfits and your words and your total adorableness. EVERYBODY needs a giant hamster on a denim vest but only Keit has it! I am doing Christmas today too-in green and red but haven't posted it yet. Since it's Christmas I must need a present so I shall skip on over to Little Raisin and check it out. I too browse Etsy and look at things I cannot afford like amazing silver jewelry and leather goods. Lately I am coveting the idea of a vintage colourful patched leather bag but my money is safe because I haven't seen the right one.

  3. I'm obsessed with that vest and the hamster! It's beyond badass, lol. I just checked out Little Rasin and they have the cutest vintage clothing.Aww, everyone loves christmas in Halloween, or else we wouldn't have nightmare before Christmas lol. Oh god, I'm taking a sewing class right now and when it comes to fabric, I can not cut for crap, and I'm right handed! You're looking good as always though! ♡

    xx AlexisSplash

  4. red and blue look amazing together!!! and your new vest indeed stands out! that hamster picture is just brilliant. I would wear a vest with a picture of a dog though, obviously 🙂 oh and I'm already thinking about Christmas too! presents and the Christmas table and stuff. how exciting, right!? 😀

    Part of me

  5. You are so adorable, I love the cute little hamster, it reminds me of the hamster I used to have when I was a kid. She was called Whisper and she was a right little daredevil, getting all Rambo in her two-story cage.
    I like Christmas, after all the preparation is done, because until then you can't relax and enjoy it. I have to do most of it by myself because the boyfriend is useless and a right Grinch to boot. At least he helps with the wrapping though 🙂

    Gems x
    Fashion, Well Done

  6. Free stuff, brah! Helllll yeah 😀 I'm not really that much of a denim vest person. I have approximately one and I'm diggin it, but I'm just at a loss for how to style it because it's kind of outside my comfort zone. Anyway, when I saw the back of your vest, I was like…omfg I want that vest! Haha. So maybe, that's all my vest is missing. I should sew an animal head on the back or something. Hehe.

    – Anna

  7. Shut. Up. This outfit is effing amazing. How do you do it?? You take things I would never dream of wearing (all over red!) and make it look bomb as hell. You are seriously amazing.

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