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Hello internet people (I am looking at you two reading my blog – my sister and mom), it is time for a life update! Regarding the new job, I have reached the maximum level of my technical knowledge which is like the bare minimum? I seriously do not see myself as a techy person, I’m more of a cry until someone fixes my PC kinda gal, if you know what I mean.

I do find the topic super interesting, hence waking up at 6 o clock to read about DNS zones and the SSH thingy……….If I only could be this productive when it comes to painting my nails.

Anyways, today’s topic are the third and last pair of KrakMe socks I bought and the feeling of being a boy rather than a girl.

You’re probably wondering what the hell am I talking about, believe me, I don’t have a clue either, the thought just popped in my mind while my boyfriend was telling me what a princess I was, but my throat was scratchy so I made a weird bubbling sound in the middle of his romantic speech, and I thought, there is no way a princess will do that.

And it’s not just the little things like playing video games and not taking a shower, but also the big issues, like unwillingness to clean my desk. I have like one cup with stale coffee, one bottle of beer, two lighters that don’t work and many more. This could be the slogan for a new porn movie!

Even when I was little, there was nothing girly about me, I remember I liked to have scars and wounds because I thought they looked bad ass. I still believe this. One time I stabbed my leg with a knife by mistake, if anyone wants to know how it happened, pm me *wink wink*, so the doctor told me to use a special cream for the huge scar, but I thought it looked bad ass, so I kept it. You can even see it on these photos.

My point here is, actually I don’t have a point,I just wanted to check if you ladies feel feminine most of the time or are you wearing the pants in the house. Let me know and we can establish a religion!
Feeling feminine ain’t my thing, but I gotta say the new socksies featured here make it a bit easier.

I styled the socks with white pumps and a  half sweatshirt half shirt I got from Remix. I love the combination of pumps and knee high socks, it makes the legs look longer and you’ve got a sporty feminine vibe that can be incorporated even at the office.

What do you guys think?

Sweatshirt – Second hand, Knee high leopard print socks – KrakMe
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2 thoughts on “Feeling like a boy + Leopard Print Knee High Socks and Pumps Outfit”

  1. adorable outfit, I do like those socks. The shoes are very cute as well. You look great.

    This is an interesting subject. I think there is really no point in limiting what feminine is supposed to mean, as it can mean many different things to different people. I for example always find it easier to understand men then my own gender, but I think that's actually very common thing among us women. We often just don't get one another, no matter how much we try…or maybe we just don't understand ourselves.

    Back to the topic… Who gets to say that video-games aren't girly? or that all girls need to tidy things all the time? We're all just human with a mixed set of characteristics that often make us unique. A lot of girls, myself included, like scars and don't feel bad about their scars at all. The only scar I don't like is the last one I got (resection surgery), it looks like Jack the Ripper got hold of me and it reminds me of the worst period in my life that isn't over yet. But I'm sure I'll learn to love it with time.

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