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As usual, I am very late with trends! I’m wearing lace up flats in October man…at the end of October even!!! Sigh…..
I’ve been dying over the lace up shoes trend for quite some time now and I think there is something very appealing and sensual about tying stuff around your legs, not pizza maybe, tying pizza on your leg would look weird…and tasty…! If “Fifty Shades of Dumb” has taught me anything, is that:  
1. I can write an erotic novel about a virgin potato and I’d become famous!
2. Bows and laces tied around your body like some sad imitation of a sausage are actually pretty! 
But then again, I knew this waaaaay before I was able to read dreary novels about people drenched in childhood rooted emotional problems. In fact, when I was a teen my dream was to do this: 
This is called corset piercing and even now at the age of 26 I still consider it to be rather pretty! You’d think that I would develop more sanity after 10 years of pretending to be an adult, changing light bulbs, waiting in line at the bank, that health insurance thingamajig and other confusing stuff, but this blog is called Beauty In Insanity for a reason you know! 
My recent love for lace up shoes was injected straight into my online shopping basket and I ordered these leopard beauties from Choies the first time I saw them. As I was cheerfully placing my order, not even one electrical pulse went through my atrophied brain that the weather would change and these tiny, skin baring flats, wouldn’t be weather appropriate. To my utter dismay and surprise October turned out to be a cold month, who knew autumn is chilly? Go figure…totally counter-intuitive! But since I was super happy and excited for my leopard lace up flats, I played the delusional card and wore them despite the cold outside. IT WAS A MISTAKE! The only thing saving me from a frostbite was the fact that I wasn’t outside for too long, still, at least I managed to wear my new flats before stashing them away for next year…………SIIIIIIIIGH………….
Let’s leave the frostbites aside for a while and talk about what else I was wearing, since I have a few favorite items here, which deserve their personal spotlight on the internet!
I found this Totoro chiffon tank top at a second hand store and bought it few months ago. This is the first time I’m wearing it, since the fit is somewhat shapeless and I didn’t like how it looked on me or how to style it without hiding the cutesy print. Even though I’m not a big fan of Studio Ghibli I love “Tonari no Totoro” ! The movie was extremely adorable and more importantly, the Japanese was very easy to digest, I understood almost everything without subtitles which is HUUUUGE for my nonexistent Japanese language knowledge. So I gave it a shot and wore the top with my lace up leopard flats and a newly thrifted cobalt blue cardigan. I think it looks very cute and cozy, and I also found the same top online on Storenvy for super cheap so anyone itching to get it, go for it.
Another new in is this red belt choker necklace which is a pleasant color garnish for the blue cardi and made the outfit a delicious, messy bowl of colors, just the way I liiiiike it, aha aha! ^_^ 

The green backpack is again second hand and I’ll mention more about it on an upcoming thrift haul post! The only thing I’m gonna say now is that it’s super trashy and damaged but I still bought it because of reasons unknown to the Universe….And the reason you probably can’t see the damage is because I plastered like a thousand shiny vintage effects here! Well, la-dee-da!

Nothing else worth mentioning here, except my messy hair which I totally intended to mess up! Yup! All those people parading around their “messy” hairdos, which look like hair from a modelling TV show can go munch on a cracker, my messy do is the real crappy deal people! And that’s it for today’s outfit post! Lemme know what do you guys think of lace up shoes and how’s the weather there? Yes, I really need this information!

Lace up leopards flats – c/o Choies, Red Belt Choker Necklace – c/o Choies, Totoro Top – Second Hand (online here), Cardigan & Backpack – Second Hand
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20 thoughts on “Leopard Lace Up Flats & Totoro Print Tank Top”

  1. Trends shmends. Down with trends says I! They are typically just a way to cause the fashion zombies to spend unnecessary money in ways they don't need to and cause them to think they need things that they for sure do not. BUT I do like the lace up shoe also and once everyone is "so over it" I will buy me a pair too. Then I can save money and be late to the party–just how I like it. I always liked the corset piercings too but I always freaked out about them getting caught on something–you know? Like I love piercings–I have pierced my tongue four times and my belly button (lame!!! but I love it), but I really want to get dermal piercings like really bad!!

  2. OMG, I nearly choked on my freshly-microwaved brinjal hahahah. You're too much and I guess that' just perfect because who reads a blog called Beauty In Insanity like watching an episode of Fresh Meat with a bowl of food, yup, that's me. Your tee is so cute, I wonder what the creature is? It looks like an owl and how can you tease me with that that gorgeous leopard flats, didn't you know I'm on a leopard detox? By the way, the weather here is hazy with a drizzle of toxic droplets here and there and we just had an outbreak of typhoid so it's most vital that you stay away from this country =P

    Shanaz | Fashionista NOW

  3. Cute shoes! Next year you'll have a major discovery when the weather warms up!
    Bushy would never letme wear a choker that looks like a belt. He has major choking issues…probably due to his severe asthma as a child.
    Looove the trashy backpack. The trashier the better!
    Xo Jazzy Jack

  4. that is one super cheerful outfit, Keit, and when I look at you I can't actually see the cold at all (your effortless poses and expressions hide it really well). I can even see some sunshine behind you! anyway, your top looks like a lot of fun and it brights up the whole look. the cobalt blue colour of your cardi is fierce and those flats – amazing!!! I would totally love to own such pretty shoes in my wardrobe. there's no point this year though since winter is lurking somewhere around the corner and we have even had som mornings when there was -6°C 🙁 oh, by the way, I finally posted my first wedding post!!! 😀

    Maiken – Part of me

  5. What a massive disappointment it was reading that you found the Totoro top in a thrift shop ;-(
    The kids & I are always on the hunt for Studio Ghibli tees but they're impossible to get our hands on or super expensive! It's a really nice one too…lucky you x
    The blue cardi is a fabulous colour on you & I agree looks awesome contrasting against your red choker. It's so coincidental (I swear I hadn't read this post first!) that I posted a messy hairdo in my blog today!!!
    I haven't read 50 shades of grey – not really into trashy sex novels any more, did they eat pizza off each other? Yuk…

    1. Hey Michelle, don't be sad because I linked an online store in the post where you can get the top for pretty cheap, just scroll down to the last photo 😀

  6. While you guys have cold weather it's still too hot in California (30*C) and yes I'm complaining haha. I love everything in your outfit, the cardigan has a perfect color, love the laced up shoes too and your tee is super cute!!
    Now that corset piercing is hella scary though haha

  7. sorry to hear about the cold weather…I admire you for braving it barefoot. I'm such a pussy when it comes to cold weather, as soon as the wind blows and the temperatures aren't over 20, I wear 10 tights and what not.

    I do like those lace shoes…and I think this trend is adorable….this outfit is so fun! great tee!

  8. I think lace up flats are sooooo cute and I like that you tied them around your ankles the way ballet shoes are properly tied, instead of trying to wind them up your calves. I'm looking forward to reading your novel about the virgin potato and I hope she wears red leather chokers just like yours. Sooo totes bondage! MMmmkay all of this being cool has me quite exhausted. xoxoxo

  9. Your remark about an erotic novel about a virgin potato made me think of the Chicken Cookbook that's a parody of 50 shades of grey, it's completely hysterical and seems like something you would totally write. That corset piercing is really kinda pretty but all I can think of is how much it would hurt if someone ripped them out! (I worked as a lifeguard and saw SO MANY body piercings ripped out, it just made me super squeamish about them.) the totoro shirt is beyond cool, who does love totoro? That's probably one of the prettier versions I've seen though, he looks like he's shooting bubbles out of his eyes or something!

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