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Being sick really takes  a toll on my boobs. Blah, I just realized something! We could play a drinking game. Every time I mention the words “boobs” or “vagina”, you have to take a shot. I’m going to take a shot too, because of ..reasons…

Anyways, I haven’t been eating properly whole week and I’m loosing pounds, lightning speed! Time to cook a nice fat porkchop!

But first, life update! I know you guys probably get an eye hemorrhage from all the food photos circulating the net, so I’m just gonna post a teensy weensy one!

Never been so proud of myself. These are onigiri (rice balls with filling). The front row are the happy
veggie onigiri for vegetarians, the second row are the brain eating zombie onigiri’s for all those meat
lovers. It was so sad (and creepy) eating the happy ones…

Time for fashion! 

I’ve been experimenting with different print mixtures and here’s what I got in the end. I find the leopard print a bit demanding and excessive for my taste, but this purple top (you guys probably saw in the video) brings it down a notch.
Couldn’t be complete without my trusted lace booties and a fancy cross necklace.

Top- second hand, leopard jeans and necklace- c/o Egoist

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31 thoughts on “Leopard high waist jeans”

  1. Cute onigiris 😀
    No worries, your boobs will be happy again when you get well!
    I was a lil bit worried about the title "leopard jeans" as generally I'm not fond of leopard jeans if they're not on Dee Snyder or someone from Hanoi Rocks, but you never let me down! You styled them so well that they look really cool on you :).

  2. Aw no, feel better! Hope your happy little rice dudes helped 🙂 They sure are cute. Love how you wore this little top! The jeans are amazing and I love the length of them, adds a bit of interest to them.

  3. Heheee, I love your zombie onigiris. And I hope you ate them all so that you will feel better and not drop any more poundssss! I think the mismatched eyes gives them personality. Personalities which will be devoured… wa ha ha ha.

    Your pattern mixing skills are rad to the max. That top is amazing!

  4. Rad! It's that kick ass crop top from your video! :DDD <3 Loving this bold mix of prints! The boots are perfect with this outfit, too!

    Oh and the onigiri is meccha kawaii, yo (super cute)! Soshite, oishisou yo (And they look delicious!). I used to eat really big ones covered in seaweed when I was in Japan. Aaahhh. I love onigiri. *sigh* Great. Now my mouth is watering. Fucking hell.

    – Anna


  5. Eehehe, cute food!
    Anyway. You are rocking the prints. I like how you have a very distinct style. I wanna say "this outfit is so you", but everything you wear gives off that vibe!


    P.S. Win Remy hair extensions with my giveaway on the blog!

  6. Love your style and how you combined the purple with the leopard; you have the perfect figure for those pants! The onigiri are so cute.. they could be in a Miyazaki anime film 😉

  7. The onigiri are soo cute! Nice work! I totally understand feeling like a creep when eating them. Reminds me of the baby butt cakes that are really popular for baby showers. Can you imagine eating THIS?

    As for the outfit, you did an amazing job mixing the patterns! The top calms down the leopard print like magic! Amazing! I think it must be the colors. I really love the whole look.

    Thanks for the feedback on my latest post. I'm inspired to do more posts like it 🙂

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