Leather vest combinations

Not sure if it’s called sleeveless jacket or leather vest, whatever. Here are the outfits I thought of, more to come soon.
1. Leather vests/sleeveless jackets  can be worn on almost everything, they go well with long sleeves, short sleeves, tank tops, jeans, thighs, skirts, shorts, dresses. It’s very important to mix all the crap you have, because there is a general mind fuck, where the vest may not look good with this or that in you head, but when you  put it on, it’s gorgeous as a cupcake ..rocker cupcake that is.                                

For example, this yellow, sporty dress. Well it’s not a dress. I bought it from Fishbone and they only had L ,but I was so in love with the crying face that I took it anyway, so it became a dress. To be honest I never thought that something sporty would match the leather vest, mostly because mine is with extra details on the shoulders, which makes it a bit more demanding …well it’s not 😀

2. Floral

Again, not so military, a bit too girlish. I chose my favorite, red roses dress. The combination is feminine with a dash of perversion 😀 Try to match the vest with some black boots, heels, pumps whatever. It makes the outfit kind of finished.


3. Shirt

The most common and boyish combination you’d see are jeans and a t-shirt. If you are chasing the more girly look  add a necklace or bracelet . Use suspenders on jeans or t-shirt, they really add to the look .

4.  Lace

Use any kind of lace, I chose a black dress. Id’ prefer white to add some contrast, but don’t have one ;(  feeling sorry for myself already 😀

This look is gorgeous with a tiny bag or clutch.
  I combined it with a studded heart -shaped purse.

5. Maxi

Anything maxi will work great with a vest. A dress or a skirt, your choice. I preferred my cocktail, red dress,because I’m such a wild animal, going out every night, partying … Even I don’t believe this shit .. I chose it, cause I’m a grandma and I don’t like going out anywhere, so this is my chance to wear it, at home,alone ! -_-

I also added gold, mostly because of my passion for red and yellow. If you have golden jewels and you have no idea with what to wear them, red is the one !

 Wow…..long post 😀 Be back tomorrow with more ideas 🙂

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