Leather skirts and Building weapons

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Been completely obsessed with “The Witcher 2” these past few days and time has been an extremely limited recourse. I’ve been surviving on nothing but toast and beer, and pathetic beams of light anemically trying to fight  their way through my curtains.
I could be buying Formulas and gathering herbs, for making potions, for upgrading my weapons right now, so this post is gonna be a quicky one.
As my hair grows, I start remembering why I cut it in the first place. It’s freakishly thin and annoying, not to mention my pathetic skills at braiding it…Anyways, this here looky is an old one.
The leather skirt is a favorite of mine, because of the pockets. It has pockets on the front and back, so you can put crap wherever! Can’t express how comfy this is!
The olive green top with that colorful print is a great way to spice up a rather casual look.
Top- nowistyle, leather skirt- second hand, bag-nowistyle.

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21 thoughts on “Leather skirts and Building weapons”

  1. That game looks so rad! I just watched the trailer for it. Wowow, I hope you're slaying tons of dragons and stuff. MAKE DEM POTIONS. I kind of wonder if my brother has bought this for his Xbox yet… if so I'm gonna have to play it because it looks sick. I had to start playing Fable again because I needed a little bit of magic-y swordplay in my life.

    Anyway. That skirt has the coolest details and pockets and everything, and I love it with those boots. Your pictures are so VIVID, too! Photo envy. 😀

    && I'm totally letting you know that I print-screened your comment about artsyness… you are so right, and those words rang so true. I guess there is that point that we reach where you think "that's it?" but you've gotta push through it because it's not. I guess I'm at that little barrier right now and have to pull through it. *__* You are looovely, Keit!

  2. I don't play any of those games so I know nothing about it but what I do know is that your skirt looks awesome. leather skirts are such great pieces but during summer I can't really wear them because it's too damn hot here 😀 oh and your skirt goes perfectly with the burgundy bag!

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  3. Oh I know how it feels like to be so obsessed with a computer game and I am not getting back there!

    Once again I can't help but love those boots you got. You don that leather skirt real well too.

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