Leather leggings and taking “the perfect walking” shot…

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I need to ask you, dear readers, a very important question! How the fuck do you take those “walking photos”? You know, the ones with the wind blowing gracefully chunks of hair, a cup of coffee in one hand, in the other- a fashionable magazine.
The walking shots at the end of the post, were a pain in the ass. It’s very hard focusing a
walking beauty like me, so I had to pass  boyfriend a thousand times,
veeeeery sloooooowly while some grannies were perched on their balconies
and watching every step I took, because hell, TV isn’t as entertaining as it was 50 years ago….
Fashiony part:
Hat- OVS, cardigan- DKNY from second hand, leather leggings- second hand.

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46 thoughts on “Leather leggings and taking “the perfect walking” shot…”

  1. I absolutely adore your outfit 🙂

    I tried the walking pictures myself, setting high-expectations in my mind, trying to think about how wonderful it will look in the end, but the results were never good for me. My fiancee seemed to enjoy my struggles an awful lot, so I stopped trying but not for good.

    Any day now, our time will come 🙂



  2. They aren't really walking, they just freeze mid-walk and that gorgeous hair is held up up by hairspray, glue, wires and some sort of gravity defying magic. (Or at least that's just what I do. Maybe they're just magical and always produce perfect walking photo every-time.)

    I love the mix of the cozy, long cardigan and those killer leather pants, you just rock every-time.

  3. Oh, the walking shot – honestly, I think the key is to act as unnatural as possible for the photos to turn out looking natural! I always feel really silly doing them, honestly 🙂 Your last one turned out really perfectly, though.

  4. I guess I just walk like I always do 😀 nothing special. and then my fiance just photographs and photographs and I at the same time suppose something will definitely look decent. that's it! anyway, I like leather leggings and you just made me want to wear a pair.

    Maikeni blogi – part of me

  5. hahahahah I did this to my latest photoshoot and you can't imagine how many pictures I took to get a shot that I can barely show it on my blog. So hard to keep your facial expression natural while walking~ totally hear ya but I love it! Back to your look, love your cardigan and tuque!!! You look so beautiful as always 🙂

    The Closet 365

  6. Sometimes I'm glad there isn't as much fashion on my blog so I don't have to go through the hassle of taking outfit pictures!! LOL Good luck trying to perfect the walking shots. At least your outfit looks awesome. 😀 Followed you. xx


  7. Хаха, "вървящите снимки" са си трудна работа! И аз така обикалям гаджето 20 пъти докато горкото апаратче успее да фокусира и да заснеме читав кадър 🙂
    Много ми харесва жилетката, чудно изглеждаш 🙂


  8. love the laid back vibe of this outfit! that pendant necklace is so rad, and anything with a beanie works in my mind. Great new layout by the way! your header picture is GORGEOUS 🙂

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