Laziness and skirts


   Sorry for not posting these days, but I’ve been very busy lately …No seriously… I had so much work and thing to do…and stuff  … Man…even I can’t believe the bullshit I’m writing. I did have a lot of work but all I did was: 1.Eat, 2.Watch multiple shows including Once upon a time, History channel and Simpsons, 3.Browse the internet shops (although penniless), 4.Take photos, 6.Play Guitar Hero, 5.Take hour long showers (it’s fucking cold people!) and wonder purposelessly around the apartment.  I thought the weekends were going to be the most lazy ones, because I would spend them with bf , but I was terribly, terribly wrong. 
My laziness and unwillingness to do something productive has spawn and will be continuously spawning over the next days , I’m dead sure.  Have you ever been so lazy you tried avoiding work at all cause? I have, and it’s happening too often lately. Not that I mind … To demonstrate you how lazy I’ve become here is a picture of my laziness—–>

This, my friends, is laziness at its best! Those are my piles of reading material I had to actually read today. And I didn’t…obviously they’re still lying around.  I woke up this morning, made coffee (Note- the stain on the paper) and carefully arranged three perfect piles of homework for my Russian class.  At first I thought, some photos with the new skirts I bought from my favorite second hand store would warm me up for the homework, so I took a few (which I’m going to show at the end of the post). Then I thought –“I’m so fucking skinny, better eat something”. So I cooked some chicken. Later I thought- “Better watch the last episode of my favorite show and see what happens, cause the tension is killing meee “ …Later on- ” That was so good, better check IMDB board for hints of what would happen on the next episode“. 17 o’clock – “ Gonna  take a shower, cause I’m pretty cold .” (putting warmer clothes was out of the question!!!)  
 And so we end up here…I’m currently lying on the couch with my legs stretched up,(cause when they’re down they get tired, lazy bitch) watching ” Gossip girl ” (I don’t like it, I have to deal with pretentious, privileged assholes at university I don’t need to watch a show about them and their “complicated problems”) and the only thought that comes to my mind is :” Why are Chad’s eyes so puny? What’s wrong with them? Come on Chad OPEN THEM UP, DAMN IT! Stop squinting…”   This is how I manage to stay away from choirs…And the worst part is I’m not feeling guilty at all…

  And here are the skirts, oh and my new haircut which I forgot to mention. I forgot how it was with a fringe, like a blind bat .





One of the things I want to accomplish before I die- learn to play this on Guitar Hero:

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12 thoughts on “Laziness and skirts”

  1. I like you with fringe! I think you show great character with such look. Is that a Dr. Marten boots in the 1st picture? I'm thinking of getting a pair. My last pair was like 15 years ago?!! Gosh..freaking long time ago.

    P.S. By the way, are you really interested to get that dress which my friend made and I posted?

  2. Thank you dear, nope..not Dr Marten, I wish they were XD. Yes I am, if it's a reasonable price 😀 But I'm not sure you ship to Bulgaria, it's like in another planet 😀

  3. WOW.. I really like the way you played around in different looks for the maxi fav was the pleated skirt & the yellow/mustard muffler..BLISS

    I want to be skinny like you..really..

    good luck with your guitar thingy..

  4. I love the black cardigan and maxi skirt! My college life these past couple months has pretty much consisted of watching Family Guy, surfing eBay and convincing myself not to smoke cigarettes (but then doing so anyway). Such is the life! 😉

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