Layering – Leather Hooded Jacket, Yellow Oversize Sweater and Pink Chiffon Dress

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Hello! *cue Lionel Richie voice* Is it me you’re looking for? No? Then, I’ll go! Wow, I unintentionally made a rhyme there, maybe I should consider a writer’s career instead of my modelling job which is not going anywhere, since I haven’t yet sold my soul to Satan. It would be so easy if Satan accepted pizza for currency. I’ve become so good at making homemade pizza I’d totally buy off Satan with it. My pizza has cheese and salami, and tomato sauce, and it looks like an old deformed shoe, but it’s so yummy! 

Leaving Satan to mind his own business, I just have to mention, I totally called fanny packs!!! I didn’t knew they would become trendy this year, but I was close to at least knowing there’s something going on! Today’s outfit is inspired by the recent fanny pack outbreak and my way of saying “Told you so!”

My Harajuku phase isn’t over yet, so I’ve been experimenting with my style and trying to push myself to think outside the box, the box being a dusty old, forsaken, cardboard box with an obese apathetic cat in it.
So for this ensemble I went all crazy with the color scheme. The new items in here are my leather jacket, hat, flower necklace and sweater. 

The leather jacket is second hand find I bought a loooong time ago and didn’t wear it for years. I even left it in my hometown at some point. Then mom found it under piles of old clothes and gave it to me and I though “Jesus, why did I ever leave it behind!” This is why I like hoarding clothes, you never know what you’ll eventually end up liking again, just like ex boyfriends!

For this outfit I layered a pink chiffon dress underneath an oversize thrifted yellow sweater and decided to wear my small leather purse like a fanny pack. To give everything a nice finish, I picked a brown shade for the shoes and hat, and added this gorgeous statement flower necklace.
I bought this necklace from Indian Point, one of my favorite shops here in Bulgaria. They have the most unique pieces, prices are reasonable, the staff is always super lovely and their collection of sequin attire is phenomenal! *_* 

And that’s it for today’s look! Btw, I was thinking of doing a “10 random facts about me” post, since I saw lots of bloggers doing it and I really liked the idea. Would you guys be interested in something like this? What do you think of these kinds of posts? I personally love them, I think it’s a great way to know the person behind the computer! ^_^ I dunno, help?

Leather Jacket, Oversize Sweater, Bag – Second Hand, Beanie – Online Second Hand, Chiffon Dress – Tally Weijl, Necklace – Indian Point, Boots – Choies.
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19 thoughts on “Layering – Leather Hooded Jacket, Yellow Oversize Sweater and Pink Chiffon Dress”

  1. Leather jacket with fluffy lining and hood? I'm crawling through the screen to claw it off your body!! I'm glad to see you finally appreciate its stellar quality.
    That is one cute flower necklace. And the leather fanny pack is wonderful of course…although shouldn't it be worn around your waist?
    I would love a ten random things posts. Go to it! You are such a bright spark against the snow, I'm sure those colours make you feel warmer! xo Jazzy Jack

  2. Yeap, would be interesting if you will do such post as "10 random facts about me", it's always interesting)
    Regarding your today outfit, I've got to say that you look incredibly bright and expressive, you know how to to combine colors:) In addition, those photographs turned out so great;)
    Wish you a great day ahead!

  3. of course do that post! would be awesome to read! by the way, when I read about your strange looking pizza and pictured salami, cheese and tomato sauce it made me want pizza right away! I love salami and I also love it when a pizza has heaps of cheese! yum! now, your outfit looks just perfect. this leather jacket – what an amazing find and how awesome it looks with everything in this outfit! yellow and red and this gorgeous necklace… well, everything about this look is creating an image of a puzzle that has all the right pieces! but what's up with all that snow??? we have none here in Estonia and you have heaps of it in Bulgaria. I think something's wrong with our universe 😀
    ps. thank you for all the nice words you left under my last post. I know it's the truth what you're saying there but unfortunately I'm too perplexed to actually follow those words of wisdom. I'm trying, yes but why does it have to be so damn hard? 😀 and this surgery the doctor was telling me about is pretty crazy so I haven't decided what I'm going to do with it. not too thrilled about it, that's for sure!

    Maiken – Part of me

  4. Keit,I am super interested in knowing you.Starting with 10 things makes me happy.I will be waiting 🙂
    Oh, I can't help but smile when I read your posts.. They feed my eyes & head. Really.
    Loving the outfit that you have put together , the splash of colors in your dress, necklace & sweater works very well.

  5. Cool jacket! As I said you're a queen of thrifted finds! And the "10 random facts about me" kind of post sounds fun.
    I already asked you couple of things I was interested to know about you but sure I would like to know more about
    evilish queeny 😀

  6. i would LOVE to try your pizza! one of my fav food ever. and your harajuko experimental style is perfectly fine, keep doing it as long as you're having fun. it's one of the things that really caught my attention. in fact i'm a bit jealous that you can pull off red and yellow so casually as if it were the easiest color combo to wear. i just love it!

    oh, and to answer your question – i don't consider myself sensual because i feel like i never had the right body type to feel that way nor the personality cos i've always been one of the boys. but yeah i guess as i grow old and start wearing girly things, that's changing haha..

    xo, Carla

  7. Oh man, homemade pizza is the best! I always get so hungry when you write about the food you cook, you make it sounds delicious! (Maybe one of your ten facts could be about your mad cooking skillz?)
    I know the fashion magazines have been trying to totally make fanny packs a things for a bit now, thy just cheat and think we won't notice what they really are and call them belt bags! I like a lot of the 90's, early 00s trends that are coming back around but the fanny packs were the one thing I could never get on board with,. However, I really like what you did with your purse here, it' different and funky looking – it seems more like what the designers have been trying to get across with the new packs but cooler looking!

  8. Love this look! And thank you so much for that uplifting and thoughtful post on my last blog. I'm going though a rough time and you really helped a girl out. 🙂

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